The Cougar family gets bigger

When Austin Collie was scoring touchdowns while wearing the blue and white of BYU, he married the sister of Cougar outside linebacker Jordan Pendleton. Last Monday, Austin and Brooke Collie brought their second son into the world and named him after the former star linebacker, who is preparing for the NFL.

The Cougar family just got a little bigger.

"My brother Austin and his wife Brooke just had another baby boy [two nights ago]," said future BYU wide receiver Dylan Collie, Austin's brother. "His name is Banks J. Collie. The ‘J' in his middle name stands for his uncle Jordan, as in Jordan Pendleton."

Members of the Collie family were able to welcome Banks into the world shortly after his birth in Utah.

"Banks was born at 5:59 P.M at the Riverton Hospital," Dylan said. "Brooke is doing great and she's a strong girl. I was there along with my mom and dad and little sister Cameron."

Banks is the second son born to Austin and Brooke Collie. Their first son, Nash, was born in December of 2010 and has been seen at BYU practices wearing a blue BYU jersey with the number one – the same number his uncle Jordan Pendleton used to wear – on the front.

"Actually, we now have three future Cougars coming up!" Dylan said. "My sister Taylor just had a son around three weeks ago. My brother Zac and his wife Emmalee and three daughters just went out there to Hawaii to visit her and see her new baby boy.

"I think my sister's boy might be a basketball player though, but there's still time for me to work on him. Either way, he'll be a baller, as I'm sure Austin's kid will be as well given the fact his wife is the sister of Jordan."

And how is former BYU outside linebacker and new uncle Jordan Pendleton doing since his season-ending injury last year?

"He's doing great," said Dylan. "He's been working out actually. I got to spend some time working out with him this past weekend, so that was nice and he's getting a lot stronger after his surgery. He'll be good to go once it comes Pro Day."

Despite suffering many nagging injuries throughout his Cougar career, Pendleton is going to try his hand at the next level.

"Yeah, his plan is to try and make it on a team in the NFL," Dylan said. "He'll be attending the Pro Day here in the next couple of months, so right now he's just preparing himself and working out specifically for that to try and see where he'll end up. Based off of his physical size, speed and abilities, he's got a good shot."

As a senior last year, Pendleton suffered a season-ending knee injury against TCU October 28. The injury came after he had a career total of 124 tackles, nine sacks and two interceptions at BYU. Despite the fact that he couldn't finish out his career on the field, Pendleton's feelings toward BYU didn't change.

"Oh yeah, he bleeds blue," said Dylan. "He bleeds blue all day long and I don't think anything is going to change that."

Dylan said Austin is still a true blue Cougar as well.

"Jordan was there these past couple of years, so he kept an eye on what was going on. Now that I'm there, he'll be keeping the Cougars on lockdown. He bleeds blue."

During this past season the Indianapolis Colts went 2-14. With quarterback Peyton Manning sitting out the entire season due to injury, Austin turned in a career-low in receptions (54), yards (514), average yards per catch (9.5) and touchdowns (1).

"He's hanging in there, you know," Dylan said. "It's tough not to be a little down after what happened last season, but he's ready for next season and just preparing for that. He's ready to get things going and just chomping at the bit. He's excited to see where everyone lands and see who ends up in Indianapolis. He's just ready to get things started and hopefully get things going successfully next year and a few years after that."

Manning was just recently cleared by doctors to return to the football field. However, Colt's owner Jim Irsay said Manning has not been cleared by team doctors.

"Austin is excited to see what happens," said Dylan. "He'll be extremely disappointed if [Manning] doesn't come back, but if he does he'll be 110 percent overjoyed. Those two guys have an extremely good relationship and he loves Peyton and Peyton love him."

As Austin and his wife Brooke celebrate the birth of their newborn son Banks J. Collie this month, here's to hoping that BYU fans everywhere will soon be celebrating the success of Austin and Jordan Pendleton this season in the NFL.

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