Lloyd hoping for Cougar scholarship

Former Pleasant Grove High School quarterback Dallas Lloyd was heavily recruited by BYU prior to committing to Stanford and serving a two-year LDS mission. Now, the Lloyd name has once again popped up on Utah prep football stat sheets, but this time out at Timpview High School. Jake Lloyd had a breakout season in 2011 and is hoping some colleges will take notice.

Coming in at about 6 feet 1 inch and 180 pounds, Jake Lloyd will be entering his senior season next year as Timpview High School's starting quarterback.

"I didn't play the first few games last season, so I feel I could have done better," Lloyd said. "Next year I should be the starter."

On the season, Lloyd racked up 3,003 total offensive yards. He completed 168-of-279 passes (60 percent) for 2,498 yards, and rushed the ball 75 times for a total of 505 yards, averaging 6.73 yards per rush. Lloyd led the state of Utah in both passing touchdowns and total touchdowns.

"I think I had around 27 throwing touchdowns and around five rushing touchdowns," Lloyd said. "Then on top of that I had around 2,500 passing yards. I had around 32 total touchdowns last season. I would have possibly scored more touchdowns but I didn't play those first two games that much."

Jake Lloyd is the younger brother of former Pleasant Grove High School quarterback Dallas Lloyd, who signed with Stanford and is currently serving a LDS mission.

"Yeah, my brother Dallas will be back from his mission this up-and-coming spring and he'll be heading down to Stanford," said Lloyd. "He doesn't want to come home because he's loving his mission so much. He's really excited to see how Stanford finishes out this next season because they were highly ranked last year."

Has Elder Lloyd received any recruiting attention while serving in the mission field?

"I think he's gotten a few letters," said the younger Lloyd brother. "I think he's mostly focused on serving his mission and that would be something fun to talk to him about. But he's humble and excited to go back and play for Stanford."

While his older brother Dallas was more of a rushing quarterback back in his high school days, Lloyd considers himself to be just the opposite.

"My brother would run 60 percent of the time to about 40 percent throw," Lloyd said. "I'm more the opposite and throw a little bit better than I run. My brother ran a 4.5 forty, and I run about a 4.6 right now. I can still scramble pretty well but I like to stay more in the pocket and look downfield."

Currently, Lloyd is receiving some attention from six Division I colleges. However, as to date he has no offers on the table.

"Right now it's Utah, Nebraska, Tulsa, Indiana, Rice and Arizona," Lloyd said. "Rick Rodriquez from Arizona came up here from Arizona for a little bit. He was at our high school for a little bit and that was cool."

While BYU recruited his older brother, Lloyd has yet to talk to a Cougar recruiter. He's hoping that will change by next season.

"I just haven't talked to them yet," Lloyd said. "Maybe if I send them my highlight tape they'll talk to me if I'm lucky, but, I mean, I haven't talk to them yet. I'm hoping that will change. I think once I start sending out my highlights I'll get more interest. That's something I need to do."

He's hoping that someday soon he'll hear from a BYU coach.

"I'd love to go there if they were interested in me," Lloyd said. "It would be nice to talk to them and I hope that will happen here soon. I know Tanner Mangum just signed there, and after watching him play in the Elite 11 I realize just how good their quarterbacks really are there at BYU. I know Taysom Hill was going to Stanford but then he transferred to BYU after his mission. If I'm lucky, I'd love to go to BYU. I just know the quality of quarterbacks they get there."

Besides the attraction of BYU being a quarterback university, Lloyd also knows the school has other unique qualities that fit him as a person.

"BYU is located right in my backyard," Lloyd said. "That has a lot to do with it. I also like how they develop their quarterbacks and how they run their offense. Education is really important to me too and I know BYU is known for their academics.

"That's one reason why my older brother went to Stanford is because of the education. I like the atmosphere at BYU and have been walking around the campus. I also want to serve a mission, so the type of atmosphere that BYU has on campus fits me as a person."

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