Texas safety plans to visit BYU

BYU is taking a long, hard look at a Texas defensive back playing at the 5A level, one of the top divisions in the state. A two-sport athlete in football and track, Tre Flowers plans to head to BYU on an unofficial visit in March and hopes to receive some good news.

For the class of 2013, the Cougars have their sights set on 6-foot-3-inch, 175-pound Judson High School defensive back prospect Tre Flowers.

"I play cornerback but didn't play too much during the season," Flowers said. "I mostly played safety and played there all year this past year. I'm really flexible and have great hips, so that helps me a lot at those positions. I'm pretty smooth and fast too."

Flowers turned in some nice stats while playing in Texas' 5A division.

"I had four picks and around 60-70 tackles as a safety," said Flowers. "I ran a 4.59 at the UTSA [University of Texas San Antonio] camp last year, but I think I'm a little more faster this year than I was last year. I haven't ran an official forty time yet this year, but I think I'm probably in the mid 4.5 range because I feel faster."

Along with playing safety for Judson High School, Flowers participates in another sport.

"I also run track as well and run the 200 meters and the 400 relay," said Flowers. "I run the second leg in the 400. In the 200, I ran a 22.2 and we haven't ran the 400 yet because it's raining down here."

Flowers is receiving some interest from different colleges.

"Baylor is looking at me, as well as BYU, Kansas State, Colorado State and Tulsa. UTSA has offered me and I'm also getting a lot of letters here and there.

"Of all the schools showing interest in me right now, BYU is the one that's showing the most interest. I know they have an honor code where you have to live by a higher standard. You can't do drugs, smoke, drink or have premarital sex."

Flowers said he is fine with BYU's honor code.

"I don't have any problem with that and feel it's a good thing," said Flowers. "I like that they have an honor code like that because it helps to keep you focused, and I want to try and make it to the NFL, so it's good. I think it will keep you focused and away from things that cause side distractions to help me make it to the NFL."

Flowers is also interested in BYU because he is a person of faith.

"I like it because I go to church every Sunday, and BYU is a school that has religion," Flowers said. "I think it will help me to stay focused, and I stay out of trouble and way from things. I also have good grades, so I kind of meet BYU's standards.

"It's just better that you're held to a higher standard than just playing football. Some schools, they might have a good program, but there's a lot of trouble that you can get into in the offseason. I think BYU is looking at you to live a higher standard than what's had around the country."

The two BYU coaches recruiting Flowers are Coach Weber and Coach Howell.

"I only talked to them one time because we've been playing phone tag," said Flowers. "I'll call him and he'll miss my call or he'll call me and I'll miss his call. I did talk to both of them because they came down to my school and I was able to speak to them then."

The Cougar coaches want Flowers to visit BYU.

"They said they want me to come down and visit, so I think I'm going to take that opportunity," said Flowers. "I'm going to come down on spring break around March 12th."

Kansas State is another program Flowers is taking a good look.

"I do go to Kansas State on March 3rd also," Flowers said. "They're looking at me as well."

Flowers is looking forward to heading to Provo for his first visit to BYU.

"Yes sir, I'm excited," he said. "It's my first ever visit and I'm expecting a lot and I'm excited."

Flowers anticipates getting a few more offers in the near future.

"Colorado State said they were going to offer me when I take an unofficial visit," Flowers said. "I really think BYU is going to offer me this coming month, I think probably when I go down there. I also think Kansas State might as well and I already have an offer from UTSA."

On his unofficial visit to BYU, Flowers has a few things he wants to look for when examining the campus.

"I'm going to take a good look at the environment," he said. "I want to look at the type of people there and see if it's a place where I can feel at home even though I'm traveling far away from home. I want to be nice and safe.

"I would like to go to a college where I can see the field early," he continued. "I want to see the field and I also want to take a look at the type of people they recruit there. I think that's important for me and my goals."

Flowers was a first-team all-district selection and honorable mention all-area for the greater San Antonio metropolitan area.

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