Orem basketball prospect watch

Orem High School's basketball team is on a 14-game winning streak and heading towards the state playoffs as a top contender. The Tigers have a few prospects to watch out for.

There are a few junior basketball prospects at Orem High School that an eye should be kept on. One is 6-foot-3-inch, 165-pound sophomore guard Nolan Grey, who is also a top wide receiver prospect for Orem, and 6-foot-5-inch senior guard Josh Pollard, who is also the nephew of BYU offensive coordinator Brandon Doman.

However, the two prospects that BYU is keeping an eye on are 6-foot-7-inch sophomore forward Dalton Nixon, and 6-foot-5-inch, 198-pound Jordan Darger.

"I play the three or four position," said Darger. "I pretty much just do what my team needs me to do. Whatever my team needs, I'll do."

Darger is the younger brother of former UNLV player Joe Darger.

"Yeah, BYU and Utah and everyone else recruited my brother," Darger said. "He was thinking of going to Utah but then took a trip down to UNLV. I guess he liked it down there and decided to go down there."

Jordan Darger is averaging 13.8 points and 5.1 rebounds per game. He describes his game as both an inside and outside style of play.

"I play outside and can shoot the three. During the summer I can shoot the three from the outside a lot, but during the season we have a lot of guards like Zac [Hunsaker] and Quin [Peters] that can shoot the three really well. Our coaches put me in position to be both an outside shooter and someone who can go inside."

The Orem Tigers are currently 20-1 with a recent 67-62 comeback victory over cross-town rival Timpanogos High School two days ago.

"It was really fun and we kind of came out a little slow," Darger said. "We were down by 10 or 12 and just fought through it. We've been able to do that a couple times this year."

Although Darger doesn't have a scholarship in hand at this point in time, he hopes that will change in the near future.

"That would be great to get an offer by BYU," Darger said. "I got some letters from Weber State and Utah State is looking at me. I guess we'll see."

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