Team Utah to represent in Nevada

In a couple of weeks, a football team from Utah will be making the trek down to Las Vegas to compete in the Badger Sports 7-on-7 tournament, where Team Utah represented well last year. One member of the team currently has two offers, but one college is showing more interest than the other.

In a few weeks, Coach Peck of Bingham High School will be taking a football team comprised of players from different Utah schools down to Las Vegas for the Badger Sports 7-on-7 tournament. Lone Peak High School will be represented on the team, as Talon Shumway was selected by Coach Peck and his staff.

Others that will be on the team are Alta High School quarterback Cooper Bateman, Bingham wide receiver Hayden Weichers and Alta tight end Harrison Handley, to name a few.

Over the past two years, Coach Peck's Utah team was the runner-up at the Las Vegas tournament.

"We got to the championship game last year," Shumway said. "I hope we can take it this year because last year we lost in the championship game by a 5-yard run. I know we lost to the team that was coached by Keyshawn Johnson."

A starting member of the Lone Peak basketball and football team, Shumway has been sort of at odds regarding what sport he truly wants to play at the next level. He expressed interest in both sports, and with the basketball season rapidly coming to a close, the decision has come to the forefront.

"As things sort of wind down I've been sort of thinking about it, and this week is the last," he said. "Next week and then this next month, I'll put a lot of time thinking about it."

At this point in time Shumway has two scholarship offers on the table. One is from Utah and the other is from BYU. However, one college has been expressing more interest and recruiting the Lone Peak two-sport star more than the other.

"Yeah, BYU keeps in pretty good touch," said Shumway. "I haven't really heard much from Utah and they've been kind of quiet. They just don't talk to me as much as BYU does. It doesn't really matter because they've offered me just like BYU. I don't know, maybe Utah is just giving me space for basketball season."

Maybe, or maybe not. It's difficult to say what exactly college recruiters are thinking. However, one thing is certain: it is nice to be shown that you're wanted during the courting process.

"Yeah, the coaches at BYU always keep in touch and are always telling they want me there," Shumway said. "I like it when they talk to me because when they don't, it makes you step back and really wonder. Although I don't really have a preference where I really want to go right now, BYU is doing the best job of recruiting right now."

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