A Debt of Gratitude; A Call for Help

Credit for the early success of <b>TotalBlueSports.com</b> goes to its owners, contributors and subscribers who acted on a blind faith, vision and passionate belief in BYU sports.

To all who believed and supported us in our early days, thank you so much. We hope you feel, with the impending release of our new website and monthly magazine with TheInsiders.com, the return on your investment (ROI) makes TBS one of your best and most satisfying value-added "gambles."

But we still need your help to continually build the TBS community. You can help again by simply clicking on the link below, downloading and printing this Total Blue Sports flyer. Then post or pass out copies at your school, work, lunch room area, hangouts, bulletin boards and fridge -- anywhere BYU sports fans abound.

(Click on this link: http://www.totalbluesports.com/grow.html. If you have trouble printing this PDF, be sure to download the latest FREE version of Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0 (http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/re adstep2.html). A zipped MS Word version of this flyer is also available. Thank you for your continued support.)

Indeed, the only way for us to continually expand our editorial coverage, staffing resources and partnerships is by significantly growing our TBS subscriber base.

With the allocation of scarce TBS resources, we have been fortunate to enlist the voluntary support of TBS subscribers and NON-subscribers who have stepped forward to help us extend our vision and mission. A number of other TBS subscribers have also volunteered. We plan to capitalize on their skills and abilities in coming days.

It is fitting that we acknowledge a number of key individuals who have gone beyond the call to provide assistance in these early days of TBS' development. Our TBS volunteers include:

* John Harmston, TBS' Director of Marketing has been invaluable in so many areas as we develop numerous marketing initiatives -- most yet to be unveiled.

* Sean Roylance, our Director of Technology, who is overseeing the development of our new website with TheInsiders.com.

* Eric Nelson, one of our two graphic design coordinators. Eric did a phenomenal job is designing the new TBS logo and will also assist with graphical elements for our new site.

* Gary Brown, another professional art director/graphic designer who is assisting in developing wide-ranging marketing strategies for our new TOTAL BLUE SPORTS magazine as well as supporting our graphic design needs for our new site.

It should be noted that Eric and Gary volunteered to help before they became TBS subscribers.

* Aaron Brady has also been very instrumental in helping TBS establish a strategic alliance with one of the country's largest merchandise marketers.

* Matthew Barlow & David Griffin, two Salt Lake City trademark, intellectual property and copyright attorneys who have offered excellent counsel and support. Griffin is a partner in the firm, who has just joined the TBS family of subscribers.

* Bruce Haraguchi, also a trademark, intellectual property and copyright attorney from Chicago, who has also extended excellent advice and counsel.

* P.J. Mortensen, a Las Vegas attorney who readily assists and provides legal counsel whenever called upon.

* To our TBS staff editors, contributing writers and columnists, we can only say your thoughts and insights enrich our site and content immeasurably. In no particular order, they include:

Jonathon Huckvale Ben Cahoon Douglas Ross Jon Bagley Mike St. Clair Michael McQuain Garret Anderson John Carroll Ted Smith Bjarne Christensen Derek Morris Nate Crain Jeff Fuller Courtney Holzendorf Mike Christensen Jason Smith Mark Pedersen Cheryl Brown Chris Warner Ryan Clark Phil Richards Lee Tanner Molly St. Clair Knute Christensen Paul Pocock Tom Ransom Jonathan Ferrell Ron Christensen David Lundberg Tom Curren

If there are others of the Cougar Nation who would like to participate and contribute in any way to TotalBlueSports.com, please email me at editor@totalbluesports.com.

More importantly, if you are aware of companies or individuals who may be interested in advertising in our monthly TOTAL BLUE SPORTS magazine, please boardmail krosshair or email John Harmston at marketing@totalbluesports.com.

Again, please get the word out to as many BYU fans as possible to request their FREE copy of TBS' first magazine by simply clicking here: http://byu.theinsiders.com/3/free_issue.h tml

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