Lotulelei Enjoys Cougar Practice

Last Friday, Bingham High School defensive tackle Lowell Lotulelei made an unofficial visit to BYU to take in a Cougar practice. With five current scholarship offers in hand, Lotulelei was on the Cougar campus to observe practice as one offered by BYU.

Attending BYU's spring practice along with 2013 Cougar commit Keegan Hicks, Lowell Lotulelei was enjoying himself on Friday. He was all smiles watching the Cougars go at it in various drills throughout the practice.

"I really liked the practice," Lotulelei said. "I really liked the one-on-ones and thought it was really intense and they go after it hard when they compete with each other. I really liked the competitiveness over here."

The competitiveness demonstrated throughout the camp is what mostly caught Lotulelei's attention.

"Yeah, it did," he said. "That's what really stood out to me and the competitiveness over here is on a high level. I really liked that."

Lotulelei's older brother Star Lotulelei is currently playing d-tackle at the University of Utah, but at one time he had committed to BYU out of high school. However, he wasn't able to qualify and attended Snow before attending the UofU.

"Yeah, he did commit here first," said the younger Lotulelei.

Because his older brother is attending Utah, does that automatically create a greater pull or give the Utes the recruiting advantage?

"No, not really," he said. "I feel like right now both schools are even because all of my life I've been around both schools. When I was younger, we lived over here and it was all about BYU. Now that my brother is over there, a lot of my family is all about Utah. But I like both schools and both have good things to offer me."

Even though his older brother is currently attending Utah, Lowell Lotulelei feels he has to make a decision based on what's best for him since the decision will affect him and no other.

"Yeah, definitely," he said. "The one thing that I like is the spiritual side and that's definitely a big side of me. Growing up we were always taught to live the gospel and my dad was in the stake presidency for a few years. So, that spiritual side is definitely a big thing for me, and especially here at BYU that's something they focus on. That spiritual side is definitely a big thing for me to look for."

Lotulelei understands and has seen the spiritual side of BYU while being on the Cougar campus.

"Yeah, there's a spiritual element here and I like that," he said. "The surrounding is basically a church environment and that's a good thing for me just to make sure I stay on track with what I believe in and what I've been doing all my life."

Lotulelei has spoken to defensive line coach Steve Kaufusi who informed the Bingham High School defensive line star about the d-line situation the Cougars face next year.

"Mostly about playing time," Lotulelei said. "Coach Kaufusi talked told me he's going to be thin next year, so he kind of talked to me about coming in and playing early and that's a really good thing. Usually they talk about what's good for me and what they have to offer for me as a person and as a football player too, so."

Lotulelei has scholarship offers from Pac-12 schools UCLA, Oregon State and Utah. So what are his views concerning the attraction of playing in the Pac-12 and does that factor into the attraction difference?

"Well with the Pac-12, it's one of the top conferences in the nation but that's really a team thing," Lotulelei said. "If you're good enough you can go anywhere and be successful and make it to the league, so the conference thing isn't really that big for me. The conference really doesn't matter to me.

"BYU is independent so they can play pretty much anybody they want, and that's also something that's attractive to me. They can go play Texas, Notre Dame and some east side schools. They can go play anybody they want so that's an attractive thing to me."

Upon the coach's request, Lotulelei came down for a visit to practice and left having a good experience.

"The coaches wanted me to come down and visit, and I know BYU is one of my options so I thought I would come down and check things out," Lotulelei said. "Overall it was a good experience.

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