Cutler's Cutting It Up In Spring

Walk-on wide receiver Dallin Cutler is beginning to make a name a name for himself by consistently making plays during team and skeli periods. Yesterday, Cutler laid himself out at full speed and made an acrobatic diving catch down field that set up a touchdown. Plays like that have earned Cutler a lot of respect from his teammates throughout spring.

Before he made the switch to h-receiver, Dallin Cutler was on the outside at the z-receiver position where he had some relative success in fall camp last year. Since making the switch to the h-receiver in place of the injured J.D Falslev this spring, Cutler has really shined.

"Well obviously J.D Falslev isn't going this spring, so they needed a guy to move over to the slot," Cutler said. "I'm still kind of doing both but I'm trying to learn the h-position. Being a smaller guy like J.D, the coaches asked me if I would move over to the slot, and I told them that I felt I could do better at the slot. It's been going good and I really enjoyed it."

"He's balling out right now and he's taking these opportunities and really running with them, which is fun to see," said J.D Falslev. "As a walk-on, I understand his position where he's clawing and fighting for every rep.

"He's really taking advantage of them which is fun to watch because he's making plays left and right and making a name for himself. That's something we need. We need guys making names for themselves and that's what he's doing out there right now."

Tight end Marcus Mathews agrees with Falslev's assessment of Cutler.

"He's totally reliable and Dallin is balling out," Mathews said. "He's really balling out and I have nothing but good things to say about Dallin."

Evaluating Cutler during the drills and position development portion of practice, the slot receiver position is more his natural position. He is quick out of his stance and gets down field, making sharp cuts that have caused some problems for linebackers in coverage.

"I feel a lot more ready this year than last year," Cutler said. "Last season I moved up through the depth chart really quick but didn't really have much experience. I mean, I got in a game a few times last year. Luckily those experiences, when I got into the game, helped me get a feel for it. Now coming into spring this year I feel more confident and a lot more ready to play and be on the number one team and help contribute to help the team.

After Ross Apo suffered a practice injury yesterday and was held out for the rest of the day, Cutler was asked to move back over to the outside while rotating back and forth between the slot and the outside.

"Yeah I moved up and started off at the h-position with the first team with the first team and then rotating with Ross [Apo] on the outside," Cutler said. "Ross went down with a little injury [yesterday] so I was asked to go and rotate in. I was actually the first guy asked to go at the z-receiver and it was fun. It was good."

"He's doing a great job at the z-position and he's doing an outstanding job at the h," said Falslev. "It takes a fundamental football player who can read the defense, read where guys are at and make the adjustments. I'm trying to help him out as much as I can in the film room, but it's hard to show him when I can't actually show him by running the routes with him. He's doing an excellent job out there."

On hand to watch his son practice, former All-WAC BYU receiver Chuck Cutler (1985-88) was accompanied by former BYU and NFL Pro Bowl tight end Chad Lewis

"My dad was a walk-on just like I am," said Dallin Cutler. "He really helped me with the mind game and so he's encouraged me and helped in that way. It's great having him out here at practice, and so he asked if he could stop by and I was thrilled about it."

Dusting off some of the old family tapes, Dallin Cutler has watched old BYU games of his father Chuck catching passes when he played long ago.

"I love his old highlights and they're fun to watch," Cutler said. "He was good. He was good and it's fun to talk to him about it."

During the skeli period of yesterday's practice, Cutler made one of the best catches in all of spring camp with a Ben Cahoon-like diving catch which drew cheers from both is father and Lewis.

"I was just executing and trying to run the plays," Cutler said. "Our quarterback threw some good balls and I got open a few times. The balls were there and so I was able to make some good plays on those."

"Dallin Cutler is sweet, man!" said tight end Marcus Mathews. "I have full faith in Dallin and that's what you want in your teammates. Like, you don't want to look across the huddle and think, ‘Son of a gun, Dallin is in.' You just don't say that when Dallin is in. It's like, ‘Alright, Dallin is in and we've got trips so let's go!' He's really earned my trust and the trust of the team. He's awesome!'

Having been in the program for three years, Cutler, a junior, has yet to receive a scholarship like his father eventually did when he was playing under Coach Edwards. Cutler hopes that his performance and contribution this year will change that.

"I'm still waiting and we'll see what the coaches say," he said. "I've spoken to the coaches a few times and they said they would let me know. I'm kind of on standby right now so it's hard to say right now being in the semester, but with everything shaking up with injuries and new guys coming in and other guys leaving things open up. I've been on a communication basis with the coaches so we'll see."

Falslev's Return to The Field

Last night J.D Falslev saw a doctor to evaluate his recovery from foot tendinitis. Falslev should soon have a better understanding of when he can return to the football field.

"Yeah, we'll kind of just go from there and hopefully after that I can start running some more vertical movement," Falslev said. "I've only ran once since the bowl game and it's been kind of hard this is actually kind of my first significant injury of my career. Every time I run it gets inflamed and stuff like that.

Falslev hopes he'll be able to begin a slow transition back into practice by the end of this week.

"It's been good for me to get a good recovery, but it's been hard not being able to actually go out there and play even though I feel good," he said. "You just have to work slowly back into things. Hopefully this coming week we'll get into some vertical movements and get back into some straight line running. As I progress, hopefully get into some side to side stuff."

He hopes to then, if the doctors and coaches will allow him, be able to fully go for full contact scrimmage by the end of spring.

"It's the coaches' decision and the doctor's decision if I'll be back by the end of spring for contact and things like that," Falslev said. "I feel I can but I'm not holding my breath on that. It's rough."

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