Comer Covering Both Sides

He goes from one side of the field to the other and then back again. Playing on the second team defense, Cameron Comer has quietly and steadily held his own while being tested at both the boundary and field cornerback positions by Coach Howell throughout spring camp.

Players typically get used to one position on the practice field where they can make an impression. For Cameron Comer, he can't settle for the comforts of one position. At least not yet. Coach Howell hasn't given Comer that luxury as he continues to evaluate his young talent throughout spring camp.

"I feel like it's definitely going good and I feel like I'm improving every day," Comer said. "I'm just really focusing and trying to do everything that Coach Howell asks me to do. I just want to do things the right way.

Now a sophomore, Comer feels he's had some time to get himself physically and mentally back into pre-mission form.

"It's been a year and I'm feeling more and more confident and have definitely gotten rid of my missionary legs. I definitely think I'm now at that pre-missionary stage. My mind is right and I've got my legs back. I'm just more able to improve and now I'm picking it up where I left off. Coach Howell has done a great job in helping us improve our technique and work hard."

While most players learn to do things the right way at one position, Comer has been asked by Coach Howell to do it the right way at both the field and boundary side corner positions. Throughout spring camp, Comer has received reps going from one side to the other on both the first and second team units at various times.

"Yeah, I've been getting reps at both sides of the field and kind of going back and forth," he said. "It's been good because you get to play more and get more experience in practice. There are things that I definitely feel I can work on. I mean, for the most part I feel good and can cover guys. I haven't gotten beat deep by anyone and have been able to keep everything up front. It's been going good so far, so."

Although Coach Howell is testing Comer's abilities on both sides of the field, he does have a preference as to which one he would rather play.

"I kind of like the boundary side a little bit more," Comer said with a smile. "You're a little more involved with the calls and I like that. You're a little more involved with the run and you're able to cover as well. It's kind of like a close safety."

At around 6-1, 190-pounds, Comer is larger than the typical BYU cornerback. His size, coupled with his physical play, makes him a good candidate for the boundary side corner.

"I think the boundary is a good position for me because I'm a bigger corner," said Comer. "I'm able to cover and be physical because of my size and so I can come up and help in our run defense a lot more. You have to be physical to play the position."

Last year starting cornerback Preston Hadley brought a tough, blue collar mentality and physical style of play to the boundary cornerback position. Being held out of spring camp to rehab a shoulder injury, Hadley has been watching those playing his position during spring camp very closely.

"Cameron is doing a good job out there and coach has him switching back and forth," Hadley said. "He's been representing out there at the boundary and has some time to really get things down. He's doing a good job out there this spring."

"Preston [Hadley] is the example of what a good football player is here at BYU," said Comer with a slight laugh. "I call him Gepetto from Pinocchio because he's always pulling my strings and helping me to get better."

Hadley has a reputation of working hard and doing whatever it takes to get the job done. That side of Hadley has really caught the attention of Comer, who looks up to his senior teammate.

"I really look up to him because he's really a great guy off and on the field," said Comer. "He works hard on and off the field and the coaches and players really respect him. He studies film and is always prepared and I really like that. He definitely understands what we're trying to do out there and is representing a greater cause than ourselves."

With plenty of time left to hone his craft, Comer is currently working to be in position to make that next jump when his time finally comes.

"I'm just trying to go 110 percent on every play," he said. "I just give it my all every single play and that's a lot harder said than done, but that's my focus whenever I come out on the field. I just try and give it my all ever single play and really try and focus in everything I do."

Evaluating from the sidelines, former Cougar cornerback Corby Eason watched his former teammates run through their progressions. When asked about Comer's potential, Eason quickly replied, "He's that catch you by surprise player. He'll be that kind of guy where you say, ‘Where did he come from?'"

"Well, I'm young and I have time and so I definitely want to take advantage of everything I can right now," Comer said. "I want to continue learning from guys like Preston [Hadley] and Joe [Sampson] and guys like that so I can be the best I can. So far it's been going good for me."

As Comer goes through spring camp in an effort to prove and improve himself, he feels he hasn't yet reached his full potential. However, he's received some encouraging words from his position coach, Coach Howell, from his spring camp performance so far.

"I feel like I haven't quite reached my potential yet and it's all up to me," Comer said. "Coach Howell told me that he believes in me. He said he believes in me and that I just need to continue to work hard and stay healthy. They believe in me so if I continue to work hard, listen and do the things they want me to do, then I can do it."

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