Dulan Reaching And Surpassing Goals

After two years of being away from the game of football, Hawaiian defensive tackle Ian Dulan spent all of last season preparing himself for one last hurrah. The awaited time has come, and the senior defensive tackle knows this is his final chance to make an impression. He's made great strides to reach, and in many ways surpass, the level of football preparedness he had prior to his mission.

After his junior year of college football, Ian Dulan made a rare decision that seemed to all but ruin what was left of his college football career. However, Dulan had buckled down while redshirting last season and has now placed himself in a starting position in spring ball.

"Things are looking really good and I'm feeling much, much better," Dulan said. "I feel like I'm a lot better and think the same way for the defense and the overall defensive line. We're getting better and better every day and we're working hard and putting in the extra work as individuals and as a team to be good."

It was very visible throughout last fall camp how hard Dulan worked. He approached every drill with a tenacity and a high level of energy. However, Dulan found that his body couldn't match the level of intensity. After observing Dulan in position drills throughout spring camp, that has now changed.

"I feel a 100 percent, to where I was before I left on my mission," he said. "I just feel like my body is back to where it used to be. It took some time and a lot of hard work, but I finally feel like my body has finally come back.

"I think my quickness, my cardio and my speed has come back, so I'm good to go with all of those things. I worked really hard last year to get my body back to where it was before I left on my mission. It's all back now and then some."

In fact because of all the hard work and effort Dulan has put in to get his body back into pre-mission shape, he feels his physical status has even surpassed what it was prior to leaving.

"I feel I'm even quicker now than I was before I left," he said. "I'm quicker, smarter and even faster now. I really think we're going to have a good team, but I just feel like I need to put in a little more work in another area of my game."

While Dulan feels his body has physically returned to its pre-mission level, there are other areas where he feels he still needs to catch up. The two year hiatus from football while serving in the mission field took a toll on the position mastery side of his game. That now has to be regained through experience and repetition.

"I think we can always be better and I know there are things I need to do to get some things back," said Dulan. "I just think some things you can do on your own, whether it's in the film room or the class room, but there are some things that have to be developed out on the practice field.

"I think it starts with the spirit and the love we have for the game. If you have the will and the desire to get better, there is always something no matter how big or small it is you can do to get better."

With regards to reestablishing the technical aspects of his game, Dulan is still in catch-up mode. However, he feels he knows exactly what he has to do in order to reach his full potential this season.

"I'm decently happy with where I am with those things right now," Dulan said. "I know I can get better and I know I have a lot more potential I can reach. I just have to make sure I make the most of spring camp and every rep I get now.

"Then after spring ball I have to make sure I take what I do here and build on it going into the summer and into fall camp to reach that potential I know I have. This is my last year, so I can't waste time and have to take advantage of everything I have right here and now for my final season."

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