Apo Out For Spring Camp

Injuries to the offense continue to pile up for the Cougars over spring camp. The BYU offense is looking more and more like a MASH unit than a football team. The latest Cougar e added to the injured list is wide receiver Ross Apo who will now miss the rest of spring camp.

As much as Cougar fans dread the news, it happened again. Wide receiver Ross Apo injured his shoulder in the same way he did back in high school.

"I just kind of tore the labrum and chipped off some of the bone, or something like that and can't really remember what was said," said a disappointed Ross Apo. "I tore it the same way that I tore it in high school."

"He dislocated his shoulder last week," head trainer Kevin Morris said. "We had an MRI on there and it just showed some damage from the dislocation that we have to go in and repair, so it will probably be about eight weeks before we let him do a lot of running outside. He'll have plenty of time to be ready for fall."

Although feeling dejected, Apo is optimistic that the recovery will be a fast one and he'll be able to participate in off-season workouts over the summer.

"It should be a fast recovery though," Apo said. "I should be out a couple of months and then I'll be able to go out and run. I'll be back for fall for sure."

The injury occurred while Apo was engaged in one-on-one drills with a cornerback. With the ball in the air, both Apo and the defensive back went up to get it and the two got tangled up while coming down.

"It happened when I was doing the one-on-one drills," Apo said. "It went out and kind of got tangled up with a cornerback. I went up for a jump ball and kind of got my arm tangled up with his when I came down."

Having been through this before, Apo knows what lies ahead with the pain of the surgery and the difficulties of the rehab.

"Yeah, I went through this before and it's not a good thing," said Apo. "I don't know, I'll try and find a way to make it a positive somehow. I'm pretty bummed out about it because I've been through this before. It really sucks because you have to sit on the couch drugged up in a sling. If anything it will just be more sleep while I recover and hanging out with my mom."

Until that time when he's incapacitated, Apo is attending practices but watching from the sidelines to get as many mental reps as he can.

"For now I'm just going to try and get some mental reps and just watch film with the guys," Apo said. "That's pretty much all I can do right now. It sucks but what can you do, you know? I just have to go through this and deal with it as best I can for now. Like I said, it should be a quick recovery and then I can get back out there again."

Get well soon Ross Apo. This is supposed to be your breakout season.

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