Reynolds gets ready for NFL draft

Former Cougar left tackle Matt Reynolds might not be on the team any longer, but that doesn't mean he doesn't closely follow those he once suited up and playing alongside with. While Reynolds has hung up his Cougar jersey, he is now preparing for the next phase of his football career with his eyes fixed on the NFL.

Last Saturday, Matt Reynolds – who looks very fit – was in LaVell Edwards Stadium watching his former teammates face off against each other. In watching the offensive line, Reynolds felt there was room for much improvement, but knows the injury bug has swept through his former group.

"I thought, well, it's spring," Reynolds said with a laugh. "There are some things that need to be improved, but our guys showed that they've got some talent."

While Reynolds was using tact in his evaluation, he is fully confident that the coaches will have the offensive line and the rest of the team ready come fall camp.

"The coaching staff has done a really good job of almost transforming the team from spring into fall and shaping the team into what they need it to be," Reynolds said. "I'm confident the team and the offensive line will be ready come and a lot better come game time."

Having seen many of the younger guys moved around to positions they might not have played last fall, Reynolds still isn't worried.

"It's a disadvantage right now and, obviously, the defense has been playing well regardless of what the offense has done," said Reynolds. "When you start mixing and matching, it's at first a disadvantage, but over the long run through fall camp it will become a very big advantage when you can take eight or nine guys and have them play any position they need to. It has been a big advantage for us in the past and it will continue to be that way."

The mixing-and-matching process has occurred many times over past spring camps in order to give the offensive coaches a better summary of what each player can do.

"It's part of the process," Reynolds said. "It's more about getting a picture about how this guy plays in comparison to that guy at a specific position, so even though there are guys being moved around and not getting reps at what might be their starting position, you're still getting an overall look at what each individual player can do. It allows the coaches to have a better idea and then create the best possible combination of guys on the line as possible."

While Reynolds had seen his share of reps at different positions on the offensive line as a Cougar, those days are long gone. He's now focused on preparing himself for the many scouts that will be in attendance at BYU this Thursday for Pro Day.

"Yeah, just doing workouts every day," said Reynolds. "I've been working out with some of our old Cougars that are in the NFL now just getting ready for Pro Day. I felt like I had a good showing at the NFL combine, so now I'm just sharpening some things up."

He's hoping to do just as well or even better than the performance he turned in during the NFL combine.

"I felt like I did really, really well," he said. "I was right at or above where I thought I was going to be on everything. I feel that I did some good things but I have to improve on a few other things as well."

Once Pro Day is over, the Reynolds family will gather together and wait for some team to call his name when the time comes.

"It's just a waiting game now," Reynolds said. "You just have to wait ‘til draft day in April. After that, then things sort of take off, but until then you just sit around and wait now that everything is over."

He's been preparing himself by lifting with former BYU Cougars now currently playing in the NFL.

"We've all been lifting together and hanging out and just trying to stay in shape," said Reynolds. "Me and my older brother Dallas have been working out mostly and making sure that I'm prepared."

Dallas also hopes to be on a roster come next season.

"He's currently still playing offensive line with the Eagles," Reynolds said. "He has to go through the camps this year and make it through the cuts and then he should be good."

With Dallas having spent time in the league, Matt has gotten an idea of what to expect.

"Yeah, he's just kind of given me his story about what happened to him in his first year in the NFL," Reynolds said. "It makes it easier on me because now I know what's normal and what's not. It will make the process a lot easier."

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