Deliberate work with the master

Over the course of spring camp, Coach Doman has sought to get the most out of his offense despite the abundance of injuries. There has been a shift in emphasis, which Doman believes will help bring his offense further along despite the lack of starting players participating in spring camp.

"There have been studies that have been done," said Coach Doman. "There needs to be 10,000 hours of deliberate work that has to be done in order to become a master at something. From what I understand, you can actually cut that in half if you do deliberate work with a master, so if you have a master of the craft teaching a student doing deliberate work, you can become a master that much faster."

This spring, the Cougars have focused more on accomplishing a higher volume of production by running more pass skeli, routes on air and seven-on-seven than team scrimmaging. However, more volume means a greater focus on execution.

"Now, deliberate work being if I'm going to go out and play catch, I'm not just going to go play catch," Coach Doman said. "I'm going to work on throwing the ball and hitting him on the right shoulder. I'm going to work on my footwork and gather my technique for my footwork and do it correctly. Then to enhance more, I'm going to put a defender there that I'm reading with my eyeballs and I may move him one way or the other.

"So, we're not getting physical work done but we're hopefully getting thousands of hours eventually with winter and then spring ball and on through the summer. The guys will get thousands of hours working through execution in the passing game. We've made it simple enough and with enough volume they get pretty good at it.

"Then we'll incorporate it into a team setting and more physical play. Kind of how it works is you go from individual through group work or to combo work.

"Then you do crossover work to one-on-ones to seven-on-seven and then eventually to team, team being the most important, but you don't want to get to team until the other work has been done, and so you kind of built up to that time. I don't think spring ball is as productive of a time during team period.

"It would be better to have team [scrimmage] every day, don't get me wrong. If we could get 20 minutes of team every single day, I would like to get that in. It hasn't halted our progress."

By first learning and polishing in spring, Coach Doman hopes that by fall camp the offense will then be able to put it all together.

"I believe you need to spend a majority of your time doing all the deliberate work and individual work in order and preparation to do team," Coach Doman said. "When you get there in the fall, hopefully you've had enough deliberate work done, so when you get to team practice, that's the ultimate deliberate work. That's the ultimate live bullets, but I don't want to get to that point until I feel like these guys have had enough polishing through the amount of volume that we're giving them."

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