Flowers enjoys BYU visit

Texas safety Tre Flowers visited BYU over spring camp and attended a Cougar practice. While in Provo, he toured the campus, met with the coaches and players, and received an unexpected surprise.

With a big smile on his face, Tre Flowers walked onto the Cougar practice field wearing a burnt orange Texas Longhorn shirt.

"It was a great experience and I got a chance to learn more about BYU," Flowers said. "I had never been to Utah before, so it was a different experience than Texas."

Flowers had never seen mountains like the snow-covered Wasatch rising up to create a picturesque backdrop just behind the campus.

"It looked so good, it looked fake," Flowers said. "It was beautiful, nice and people were friendly. It was just a great place to be at. I had never seen snow before and it doesn't really snow down here. I looked up at the mountains and saw the snow for the first time and that was really neat."

While on campus, Flowers watched the football team practice.

"There was a lot that caught my attention – the on and off switch they have when they're running and motoring and how they control everything. It was a little more complex and harder than high school."

While Flowers walked around BYU's campus, he met people along the way who seemed, well, unfamiliarly friendly.

"It was really nice and there were a lot of friendly people there," Flowers said. "I mean, it kind of seemed like they were too friendly out there. I didn't think I would be that noticeable where anyone would be that friendly to me, but they were. It was good and I liked the way the people treated me out there."

Flowers spoke with Coach Howell during his visit.

"I met with my position coach, Coach Howell, and Coach Mendenhall the defensive coordinator," Flowers said. "Coach Howell is a good man and he seems like a good teacher. He doesn't really yell that much but he breaks things down for you and then teaches you. They're really good guys."

Flowers also met with Coach Mendenhall in his office.

"Yes, I actually talked to him there and he asked me a few question like why would I would like to attend there," Flowers said. "He asked me why I wanted to come to this school and I told him I just like the way they hold their athletes to a higher level than any other school – they're different than any other school because BYU holds their students accountable for their actions – and that I just want to be a better man and be the best I can be."

However, it wasn't until later that he received an offer.

"I went to the cafeteria and I bought some BBQ," said Flowers. "Coach Mendenhall came down and that's when he offered me a full ride. We just talked about football for a little bit and he told me that he liked my film. He said he liked how I conducted myself on and off the field.

"He congratulated me and said that I was actually one of the few young men to come down and get a scholarship without going through the padded camp. It was a great compliment.

"I was kind of expecting it, but at the same time it was sort of a surprise. I'm not really cocky or anything so I kind of see myself as being humble, but it's crazy to see how people put everything on me to play football and show their love by wanting me to come out there to their university. It was a great feeling, you know, and then he wanted me to call him the next Friday to see if I was going to commit or not."

In addition to meeting with coaches, Flowers also got to meet with players.

"They treated me really nice there and it was kind of new. They don't just talk the talk, but walk the walk at BYU.

"I spent some time with cornerback Jordan [Johnson], O'Neill [Chambers] and Joe Sampson," said Flowers. "They took me out on and we kind of walked around downtown in Salt Lake City or wherever that was. Some people were really trying to get us to go places, but they just laughed about it and blew it off and we did our own thing."

The three gave Flowers some insight into what it's like being a member of BYU's football team.

"Yeah, they had a lot of good things to say and it's not an act that they go through," Flowers said. "They actually walk the walk and are just normal people. It made me feel really comfortable. They talked to me like I was back home talking to one of my friends."

Flowers enjoyed his visit and it was a great learning experience, although he didn't make a commitment decision by the Friday that Coach Mendenhall wanted to talk to him on.

"I'm going to wait a little bit, but BYU is my number one right now. I just spoke with my mom and she told me to wait and see if BYU is 100 percent the place where I want to be. I don't want to have any doubt, so I'm going to make sure that's where I'm supposed to be.

"BYU is my number one school though, just because they hold you to a higher standard. The players are great examples and my mom always tells me to be the best person I can be. I think they could help me a lot."

Flowers plans on making a return visit to BYU.

"I think we're going to go back, me and my parents, for a Junior Day," said Flowers. "I think I'm also going to bring my friend with me, Jarveon Williams, who is the other safety at Judson High School. I'm going to try and bring him with me too."

At the Under Armour Combine, Williams was listed as a 5-foot-9-inch, 175-pound safety. He ran the 10-yard dash in 1.45 seconds, broad jumped 8'11" and did the one-cone drill in 7.41 seconds. He's also a two-sport athlete and plays guard for the Judson High School basketball team, where he averaged 18 points per game last year.

"He would like it out there too," Flowers said. "We've been best friends since we were like seven years old and we like the same things. I'm going to see if can come with me and my parents out there to BYU when we go to their Junior Day."

So how would Flowers rate his overall BYU experience? Well, it's hard to get any better.

"I would rate it a 10 and it was great and it was perfect," Flowers said. "It was fun and was a great weekend where I got a chance to watch some football. I got a chance to meet some great people and it was just a new experience for me."

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