Buckner letting chips fall where they may

Cornerback Robbie Buckner is entering his senior year as a Cougar defender. While last year he played behind Corby Eason, Buckner is working hard to try and see the field for his final season.

Robbie Buckner is doing all that he can to be the best he can be to help the team as much as possible.

"It's my senior year right now, and I'm just going to go out there and play to the best of my ability," Buckner said. "Whatever happens, you know, I'm down with that. I'm just excited for the season to come and I'll do all that I can and let things fall where they may."

Over spring camp, Buckner has performed well in one-on-one drills and during pass skeli drills, moving around to both sides of the field due to the number of injuries that have swept through the defensive back squad.

"I just play wherever they want me to play," Buckner said. "Right now we're a little thin, as you can tell. Right now we have three cornerbacks and Mike Hague. You know, he's kind of a hybrid. But I'll just do whatever the coaches and the team needs me to do."

While Buckner has substituted at the boundary side corner at times during spring practice, his primary position is field corner, where he had been facing the likes of Ross Apo prior to Apo's injury.

"I'm considered a field corner but have played boundary to help out," Buckner said. "I like playing the field side corner because it's really challenging. You have to be out there on a one-on-one and, you know, I like to cover people. So, it plays to my strengths a little more."

Once Jordan Johnson regains his full health, Buckner will compete with him at the field side corner.

"You know, Coach Howell says everybody is in," said Buckner. "We all just have to work hard and compete, and no matter what happens we're all backing up each other. It's my senior year so I'm just going to go out there and play to the best of my ability, and whatever happens, I'm fine with that."

After spring camp ends, Buckner will stay in town and take part in the player-run practices.

"I'm just going to stay here and be dedicated to the workout," Buckner said. "I'm going to try and help people and be a leader. You know, try and help the new guys get up to speed and learn the defense. I want to be that all-around leader for the team this summer."

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