An improved Cahoon

With a year under his belt at BYU, Ben Cahoon feels he's a much more improved coach. And as such, Coach Cahoon has become more involved within the offensive collaboration and development.

He was never a grad assistant on a coaching staff groomed in all the demands needed to be a coach, but that didn't mean Ben Cahoon couldn't transfer his many years of applied receiver knowledge to younger apprentices.

When it comes to the role of being a coach, Ben Cahoon has made great strides during his time at BYU.

"I'm a better coach this year than I was last year, and I needed to become a better coach, frankly," Cahoon said.

Now a second-year coach working with a second-year offensive coordinator, Coach Cahoon's knowledge of his players, the playbook and the objective of the offensive coaching staff has allowed him to put more input into the overall system.

"It's a pretty collaborative effort," said Cahoon. "We have our scheme and our base offense. To a limited extent do we alter that to get guys more involved. It's a great offense and it's proven to work over the years.

"It's just up to the quarterback to distribute the ball according to where the defense dictates. We're not going to line up and play match-up football and try and make sure a guy gets a ton of touches. It's going to happen based on what the defense is telling the quarterback to do."

Coach Cahoon has helped to tweak some minor things in order to take full advantage of what his players can provide.

"Yeah, and we would be dumb not to," said Coach Cahoon with a smile. "When we do things like that, it has to stay within the scheme and the system, but those things are just minor alterations to try and maximize the talent we have within the system."

The growth Coach Cahoon gained from player knowledge, staff compatibility and greater understanding of the offensive system has allowed him to become more specialized as a coach.

"Yeah, I'm more comfortable with the offense, you know, and that allows me to be more confident out there a little bit in coaching the players what they need to know," Coach Cahoon said. "The guys are more familiar with me in what I'm looking for and better know what my expectations are.

"Overall I think everything went well and I still have a ton to learn. I still have a lot to learn but I'm committed to becoming a great coach. How fast I can make that happen remains to be seen, but I'm determined to make that happen and be a great coach."

Over this past spring camp, Coach Cahoon wanted to develop more quality depth. He feels he accomplished just that.

"We were hoping to find a guy or two to step up and be that guy to add depth," said Coach Cahoon. "The guys did a great job and I think we found some guys that were capable. Everybody got an opportunity, I think, and we were needing one or two guys to really stand out and rise up and make plays on a consistent basis. I think we found out that we have some guys we can trust."

Coach Cahoon likes where his receiving corps is at, and is expecting big things.

"I'm very pleased," Cahoon said. "They practiced hard and they've got a lot of pride and want to be great. I'm very happy with their progress. Now it's just up to them to continue it. If they can take that into the offseason and continue that upward trajectory, the sky's the limit for this group of receivers."

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