Hall enjoys return

From time to time fiery former Cougar quarterback Max Hall will make a return to BYU to visit with former teammates and coaches. One such occasion was last Friday, BYU's Alumni Day. Total Blue Sports caught up with Hall for an update on how he's doing.

BYU fans loved Max Hall while he was a Cougar, while their rivals didn't. With his candid, outspoken demeanor, he said things every Cougar fan wished they could say – but didn't have the microphone to do so – making him a fan-favorite. Although Hall has since moved on from BYU and into the NFL, he still keeps tabs on his beloved Cougars of BYU.

"I keep tabs on my Cougars and how they're doing," he said. "I've been in contact with Coach Doman and I talk to Riley [Nelson] when I can, so yeah, I talk to them and keep in contact with them. I keep tabs on them and I'm really happy for them. They're doing well."

When he does return to visit BYU, he'll often sit in on quarterback meetings.

"Sometimes I give some suggestions or say, ‘Hey, this might be a better way to do something,'" Hall said with a laugh. "Sometimes they just give me funny looks and then tell me to be quiet. No, like I said, it's always fun to come in and sometimes give suggestions and be around. They're still your family."

Hall admits it's a different feeling being on the other side of the fence.

"It feels a little different being an [alumnus] rather than a player," said Hall. "It's fun to come back here to not only see the guys that you played with, but played before you. It's a lot of fun to come back and see what the team is doing, sit in on team meetings and come to practice and watch them play. It's always fun to see how the younger guys that were coming up are doing and how far they've come."

Hall never got to be teammates with linebacker Kyle Van Noy, who was a true freshman in 2010, the season after Hall graduated. But, Van Noy nevertheless appreciates past Cougars coming back and visiting the football program.

"It's always good to see some of the older teammates from years before," said Van Noy. "It's fun to see them, their families and what they're doing now. We have a great brotherhood here and it goes back to the LaVell [Edwards] days and people enjoy being here. It's a cool thing we have."

Since leaving BYU as the school's all-time winningest quarterback, Hall's NFL experience has been sort of a rollercoaster experience.

"It's been, to be honest with you, really up and down," said Hall. "I came in and was able to start games early and play early, but then I hurt my shoulder.

"We then had a whole offseason with a lockout where we really couldn't do anything but work out on your own. Then it ends, I came back to camp and blow my shoulder out all over again and have to have surgery. Then I'm out for the year. It was a tear in the labarum in my non-throwing shoulder. I got it fixed and it feels good now. It feels 100 percent now, so it feels good."

Now, Hall is looking to start over with a new NFL team.

"I did just become a free agent," said Hall. "The Cardinals did decide not to renew my contract, so I'll have some workouts and some visits coming up and see where I land."

If the NFL doesn't work out, would Hall consider coming back to BYU and coaching one day?

"I don't know," said Hall with a smile. "It's not something that I'm closed off about. I don't know, maybe."

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