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Former Cougar Scott Collie's sons Zac and Austin followed in his footsteps and played football at BYU, and now his son Dylan is about to do the same. The Collie patriarch took time to chat with Total Blue Sports subscribers on Thursday night about BYU football, his family, and his wide receiver camps. Here is the transcript from the chat session.

[jeddparkinson] First question (from several people): How were your sons different? Similar?
[ReceiverTech] I will tackle similar first: hard workers, each one works to be the best, they expect perfection from themselves, passionate, leaders, they just want to win
[ReceiverTech] differences zac was steady eddie emotionally, austin wears his emotions outwardly both on the field and off while dylan has a switch of emotion when placed in competitive environments

[jeddparkinson] can you briefly share the story about Austin in the batting cage when he was young?
[ReceiverTech] 4 years old and I have both boys at batting cage getting zac ready for baseball. after austin
watched zac for a bit he said it was his turn. he entered the cage and stood on the plate. I told him to step off that the ball would hit him. he said put the quarter in. I again suggested for him to move and again he said to put the coin in. I put the coin in and the ball plugged him. he didnt cry, he stepped off the plate and hit the next pitch. I have taken a lot of abuse for that event, What kind of father would endanger his child. he only stood on the plate once!!!

[jeddparkinson] Next question: What do you think our receivers do best?
[ReceiverTech] they each have the ability to go up after the ball and come down with it.

[jeddparkinson] Follow-up question: What do they need to work on the most?
[ReceiverTech] they are becoming a more disciplined group under the coach Cahoon a long time waiting for a wr coach that was technician. love coach cahoon.
[ReceiverTech] they need to work man routes. they need to be more patient in their routes. They need to realize they have to sell

[TaloSteves] Is that something you feel Coach Cahoon will help the Cougar receivers more than in the past?
[ReceiverTech] For sure talo he is already making a difference in these kids. you can see it

[01inarow] Will Dylan be mission first?
[ReceiverTech] dylan wants to come in and compete to get on the field and he will go into the mtc after the season whether he plays or not

[Napolean13] Is Dylan a JD Falslev type receiver, playing the slot?
[ReceiverTech] If you were to ask dylan he would say he can be effective inside and outside. He should want to be like JD as successful as he has been.

[jeddparkinson] Next question: What routes would you like to see BYU use more?
[ReceiverTech] First off I love seeing 5 guys in the route. I think each route compliments the other. I dont know that they need to run one any more than the other, when they do run a route they need to make it perfect

[jeddparkinson] Next question: Could you compare catching passes from Marc Wilson, Jim McMahon, and Steve Young?
[ReceiverTech] are you looking for an answer that addresses the spin, the velocity, or are just asking which one was better and you are afraid to put me on the spot
[ReceiverTech] to be honest, the spin of the lefty compared to the righty, I never noticed it. Maybe I wasnt smart enough
[ReceiverTech] in 81 jimmy mac was better, in 82 steve was better. how is that for answer? The best QB is the QB who is throwing the ball to you at the time.

[stotter] how is Austin feeling about the loss of Peyton
[ReceiverTech] Austin will miss peyton who wouldn't, but will work to make help the new qb and himself which in turns help the team.

[jeddparkinson] Next question: Which of your BYU teams was the best?
[ReceiverTech] which team was better, I will address that answer with I believe that era of Jim, Steve and Robbie were the best. we had an advantage, teams didn't throw thus BYU was tuff to defend. In fact we saw every experimental defense imaginable. We even saw rush 1 drop 10. we still scored.

[jeddparkinson] Next question: How does hurry up affect a WR? How often does it cause a miscommunication with the QB?
[ReceiverTech] the impact it has on WR is with fatigue. Then when you get winded your mind starts to go. If you are trained for it, the hurry up can be very advantageous. It commits the defense to sticking with the personnel they have on the field then you can start to exploit their weakenesses or create mismatches. I loved the hurry up. It also means you are usually throwing. I love to throw.

[jeddparkinson] follow-up question: Do you prefer hurry up?
[ReceiverTech] hurry up has its time. I am not sure it is something you can run all game long. If your offense is not being productive, you need to allow coaches to adjust and in a hurry up you can't. so it has its place.

[jeddparkinson] As a player, did you prefer to face zone or man defenses?
[ReceiverTech] i loved man. particularly the corner in the face. I loved getting the corner in a trailing position. I also loved the zone, as our offense was able to exploit the holes

[jeddparkinson] Next question: what did you do with your boys the most in terms of drills?
[ReceiverTech] come to our camps and we will show you. Ha ha had to throw that in there. catching with the hands, adjusting to balls over their outside shoulder. does anyone remember the catch at the vegas bowl against UCLA over his outside shoulder while maintaining momentum? I loved it cuz we practiced that since they were little boys playing impossible catch

[ReceiverTech] crickets
[TaloSteves] LOL

[jeddparkinson] Next question: How good can Brett Thompson be?
[ReceiverTech] Brett can be very good. Right now brett is battling himself. he is such a great competitor he is thinking he should be where he was before he left on his mission. I told him he needed to compete against himself and not the other receivers. If he competes against them he will destroy himself. He struggled a bit thinking he could pick up right where he left off.
[ReceiverTech] patience is the key. He has 3 months more to get game ready

[jeddparkinson] Next question: What would you say a good pass/run ratio for BYU would be?
[ReceiverTech] softball question for a receiver. the only time to run is on KO return and punts the rest, PASS.
[ReceiverTech] I think you take advantage of what the defense gives you. Run sets up the pass and vice versa. BYU can do both and that will help both strategies

[jeddparkinson] Next question: What does BYU have to do to bring it's Strength and conditioning Program up to An acceptable D1 level?
[ReceiverTech] Strength and conditioning. It isnt up to speed? What makes you say that. Coach cahoon, love the guy. He is a technician. he is about running routes right, catching the ball right. He isnt about just speed. I have seen plenty of good fast receivers that cant catch. did you read what I just said good receivers that run fast and cant catch I think any receiver that is inconsistent catching the ball is a horrible receiver. there i said it.

[jeddparkinson] Next question: How well did you know Kirk Pendleton at BYU? Was it part of a brilliant plan the two of you hatched to have his daughter marry your son to create the ultimate football player?
[ReceiverTech] Kirk and I roomed together when we played and when we were both married our families hung together. I mean our wives. I lost touch after I left and then when austin returned from mission we were at practice and saw Brenda Pendleton with her daughter Brooke. Brenda said she was trying to get her married and I said I have son right there that is eligible. Austin had already spotted her and kept running routes by her. he will kill me for saying that

[jeddparkinson] So what are your thoughts on Jordan? Is he healthy and will he get a shot to play in the NFL?
[ReceiverTech] regarding jordan I hope he gets a chance. football is in him. he loves it. He does need to get healthy and he is doing everything in his power to do so. If he gets in a camp I think he will stick. he is a beast when healthy.

[CMuehle] byu has some big road games this year, how much harder did you think it was to play on the road?
[ReceiverTech] We thrived on the road, playing in unfriendly stadiums fired you up. Nothing like it. except when you get home and the home fans are loud and crazy I loved playing anywhere.

[jeddparkinson] I believe you mentioned in a note earlier today that you were working with a couple of receivers the last few days. Can you say who?
[ReceiverTech] Actually I was working with some young receivers in Washington. you have to love young receivers who are willing to take their spring break and learn how to get better.

[ReceiverTech] while there is a lull please take a look at our web site there you can learn about our brand and each of the products within. Receiver specific camps for older and the younger youth players. Our WR competitions RT25 where we will indentify the region's top receivers and give them a chance to be receivers at the Elite 11 competition and then the private and team camps.
[TaloSteves] I'll post a link to the site for you Scott (
[jeddparkinson] TBS will be covering the RT25 camps, including interviews, video, etc of the top prospects that will be catching balls at the Elite 11QB camp.

[jeddparkinson] follow-up on that: how much of becoming a D1 receiver is raw talent, and how much is the willingness and sacrifice you just described?
[ReceiverTech] I have seen raw talent get you there, but I have seen that talent fail if they arent willing to work beyond. You have to have desire to be the best and work toward that end result. It is not about saying you are the best, it is about finding the guy who is better than you and then working toward becoming better than he. then find the next. There is always someone better than you.

[GarretLarson] If you could give any advice to a young man that had aspirations of playing college football what would it be?
[ReceiverTech] sorry for the delay garret I just saw the question. Learn how to become a complete receiver. Here comes my advertisement. Time is the biggest enemy of coaches. the game has become so sophisticated coaches are doing everything they can to implement game plan and strategy. the time to teach the fundamentals is exhausted with game plan. the kids are to find the skills on their own. We teach the fundamentals.
[ReceiverTech] they don't become great receivers until they know how and then work at it. We give them the techniques to work at.

[Napolean13] I read somewhere that you had said Dylan is a more advanced receiver than your other sons were at his age? Is that correct?
[ReceiverTech] I did. He has been fortunate to be around the big brothers and learn how to prepare and how to progress. To understand the importance of the mental part of the game. He has learned . He now has to take that and compete.

[jeddparkinson] regarding the receivertech site, I had to laugh when I read the testimonial from Jim McMahon. Classic Jimmy Mac. Have you stayed in touch w/ Jim over the years?
[ReceiverTech] I have stayed in contact with Jim. He always brings that play up. I did get him knocked out. but he fails to say why. do you want to know why?
[ReceiverTech] we put a play in that week where I started from the tail back position. On his count I would go in motion to spread wide. Well he saw something he didnt like, which he audibled to another play. I guess the new play had the tail back picking up blitzing line backer. I failed to get that assignment that week. thus the LB ran right by me and he knocked him out . now does that sound like my fault or his?

[ReceiverTech] he should of known his personnel. I was never told to pick up blitzing linebackers
[ReceiverTech] was not in job description
[TaloSteves] lol
[jeddparkinson] sounds like a solid rebuttal. maybe Jim can come in sometime and plead his case. Until he does, he'll be presumed the guilty party.
[ReceiverTech] the trick was to avoid those guys when you are a receiver. why would I want to hit one. He will get far more chances to hit me than I hit him
[ReceiverTech] truth of the matter any one of my boys would have picked the LB up. spoken like a real mom, I mean dad.

[jeddparkinson] Alright, we've used up our hour with Scott and then some. We'll be doing this regularly throughout the year, so if you have other questions, you'll have a chance to ask them next time
[ReceiverTech] thanks for having me. Enjoyed it.

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