Rhode Island athlete interested in BYU

Cougar assistant Coach Kelly Poppinga has been busy. He's been evaluating and searching for athletes across the country that can fit in with BYU's unique program. In the state of Rhode Island, there is one that could possibly fit the bill and that has an interest in learning more about the Cougars of BYU.

Josh Morris is one of the top athletes in the state of Rhode Island. At La Salle, a private Catholic school, Morris plays on both sides of the ball while fielding kick off duties as well.

"I play slot receiver, running back and cornerback," said Morris. "A lot of schools are recruiting me at those positions and maybe an athlete. I would like to play running back or the slot at the next level, but I'm not going to limit myself. I'll do whatever the coaches want me to do whether it's on offense or defense, but I consider myself more of an offensive player."

Morris is receiving quite a bit of recruiting interest.

"Right now UConn, Bryant, Temple, Rutgers, Duke, Stanford, UNLV and BYU are recruiting me," said Morris. "I was named the player of the year and first-team all-state out here in Providence, Rhode Island."

After seeing his film, the staff at BYU liked what they saw in Morris.

"Well, the entire staff saw my film, and head coach Bronco Mendenhall supposedly wants me," said Morris. "They're waiting to see me in person and I'm going to come down in spring. Hopefully the offer will come then."

BYU learned about Morris after a coach from La Salle sent the staff his film.

"My coach sent my film everywhere but mainly to schools that fit me as a player and person," said Morris. "I know BYU runs an air raid-type offense and throws the ball around 50 to 60 times a game, so I know that I would fit into an offense like that. That's kind of why he sent my film up to BYU."

Now Morris plans on flying out to Provo, Utah to meet with the Cougar coaching staff over the summer.

"Yeah, I'll most likely be down there on June 13th," Morris said. "I know BYU is a Mormon school and I just have to learn about the Mormon religion. I know BYU is a great economic school and are consistently among the top programs in the nation for business and economics. There's a lot of good about BYU and I like it."

BYU appeals to Morris academically.

"Yeah, I want to study business in college," Morris said. "BYU's business program is better than Harvard's I heard."

When he travels to Utah, it won't be the first time that Morris has been out West.

"I've been out to Las Vegas for a seven-on-seven out there," Morris said. "I've never been out to Utah though, but that doesn't matter to me. I don't care that it's far from home because I'm looking at schools all across the country. so it doesn't bother me."

La Salle is a Catholic preparatory school that demands excellence in academics with an emphasis on maintaining a high spiritual standard. In that regard, it is similar to BYU.

"Yeah, I definitely prioritize the private schools over the state schools just because I come from La Salle," said Morris. "I'm not counting out any school, but, yeah, being at a good private school like BYU is definitely an attraction."

Overall, Morris thinks he is a good fit for BYU.

"Off the field, I'm a great kid. I work hard in the weight room and in the classroom. I did really well in the SAT and scored a 1920 out of 2400, so that really attracted BYU to me. I know that BYU doesn't just recruit anyone, so for them to recruit me out here is something special. I'm a good kid all the way around and do things right off the field. I checked out some things online about BYU and I'm interested in learning more about what BYU has to offer."

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