Cougar Snapshots: BYU rugby vs. Utah

BYU rugby photographer Paul Meyers captured the fierce struggle between BYU and Utah for the Wasatch Cup on Saturday. Check out photos of the Cougars vanquishing their foe for their seventh straight Wasatch Cup.

Junior number eight Ryan Roundy makes a big hit on a Ute.

The Cougars and Utes rise up to try and receive the throw-in from the sideline.

The Cougars come down with the ball, maintaining possession.

Wing Tua Laei picks up a Ute turnover after a big hit by Roundy, seen on the right. Grimacing in the background on the left is the Utah player who received the punishing blow and turned the ball over.

Laei puts his shoulder down and drives through a tackle.

On the march, the Cougars pass the ball inside.

Center Paul Lasike takes the pitch and sprints past the Utah defenders downfield.

Down by the end zone, Lasike cuts inside and drags a Utah defender …

… and stretches out for the score.

Senior scrumhalf Shaun Davies makes a quick tackle after the scrum.

Senior prop Mikey Su'a makes a tackle.

The Cougars break past the Utah line and pass the ball out as they head on down the field.

Su'a holds the ruck as Roundy releases the ball after being tackled.

Senior number eight flanker Kumi Tua'one gets ready to pass the ball down the line.

Roundy and Laei gang-tackle a Utah player.

The Cougars pose for a photo as Su'a holds the Wasatch Cup. The victory over Utah marks the seventh straight Cougar Wasatch Cup victory.

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