Hicks and friends visit BYU

Bingham High School offensive lineman Keegan Hicks is a busy young man. Not only is he preparing to participate in a few track events, but he's been working to get stronger in the weight room for his final season of high school ball. He's also been keeping in contact with a few BYU recruits.

Cougar commit Keegan Hicks intends to sign his letter of intent at BYU next February. When he finally gets to BYU, he will likely have played multiple positions in high school.

"They want to start me off at guard but then eventually I'll finish up at center," Hicks said. "They want me to learn to play two positions before I'm done there."

However, that's still down the road a ways. Right now, Hicks is involved with workouts and as made drastic improvements in his lifts.

"We don't have a spring camp but instead do workouts during school," Hicks said. "I go do SPARQ almost every day after school. My bench went up 30 pounds so far and it's going to be more in the next few months. My squat went up 50 pounds and my power clean went up about 20. My bench max is at 335, my squat at 495 and my power clean 245.

"Then we have a summer camp in July where we go down to Price and we usually go down with another team. This year we're going down with East High School for three days. Then we scrimmage at the end."

As BYU was in the middle of spring camp, Hicks and a few of his Bingham teammates came to watch.

"I loved it and they looked really good," Hicks said. "From an o-line perspective, not very many got a chance to play because of all the injuries. I got a chance to watch ‘B-House' [Braden Hansen] play a little bit at the end there when he returned. It was great being out there with the coaches and I brought up a lot of friends of mine that BYU is kind of looking at. I loved how chippy they were. It was fun."

One of those friends that came with Hicks was Bingham defensive lineman Lowell Lotulelei.

"We talked about it all the way home. He liked it a lot down there and likes the coaches a lot," said Hicks. "He liked it a lot more than he thought he would."

However, with Lotulelei's brother Star playing at Utah, Hicks doesn't feel that it's enough to persuade his friend over to BYU.

"Do I think he'll go there over Utah?" said Hicks. "I don't think so, but it definitely made him think more. Utah has been recruiting him since middle school. I think Coach Whittingham [verbally] offered him as a ninth grader, or before that freshman season. So, it's pretty hard to beat that when they've got a head start and an older brother in the program."

Another prospect that came down with Hicks, and that BYU is looking at, is Bingham wide receiver Hayden Weichers.

"They've been recruiting him a lot and there is a chance they offer him over the summer," Hicks said.

Although Cottonwood High School quarterback Cooper Bateman wasn't there with Hicks at the time, the two are well-acquainted.

"Yeah, I talk to Cooper a lot about BYU," said Hicks. "BYU has a lot better chance than most schools recruiting him. Cooper likes it down there an awful lot. He likes the coaches and gets along really well with Coach Doman. I know he's got a lot of offers but I wouldn't be surprised to see him put BYU in his top five. I don't know exactly where he stands because he gets a new offer every day, but he likes BYU a lot."

Another prospect that BYU is looking at and that Hicks speaks to on a regular basis is Niniva Kinikini of Cottonwood High School.

"They're interested in him a lot and BYU wants him to go to a Junior Day and camp over the summer," said Hicks. "If he plays well I can see a chance that they could offer him. I don't know if it will happen but there is a chance it could happen."

Meanwhile, all the recruits that have committed to BYU have been invited to come down for an unofficial visit to the campus.

"This Saturday I'll be down there at BYU," Hicks said. "Coach Doman called it ‘Super Elite Day' or something like that. All the kids that they've offered have been invited to come down for a special program, so there will be around 10 or 15 of us down there this Saturday."

What exactly is "Super Elite Day?"

"I don't exactly know," he said. "I spoke to Coach Doman about it and I think this is the first year they're doing it. It's just for kids they've offered and not for kids that are close or on the borderline or anything like that."

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