Cox looks to graduate early

The nation's eighth-ranked middle linebacker, Chans Cox, currently has 14 offers on the table. As he heads towards his final season of Blue Ridge football in Arizona, things are beginning to sort themselves out. Cox will graduate early in December, so he's looking to narrow things down quickly.

The latest development for Chans Cox has been his physical health. The nationally ranked linebacker was recently recovering from shoulder surgery.

"Well, a big thing that's been really good for me is that I got discharged from physical therapy from my shoulder," said Cox. "That's been really good and I've been using that to my advantage and doing as much as I can right now.

"For a while I wasn't able to do squats … because of my arm back there. I wasn't able to do bench and power clean. Now I'm able to do that sort of stuff with my coach again and really get back into lifting."

Not being able to work out weighed heavily on Cox's mind as he saw himself digress physically..

"To me it was just depression and I hated it," he said. "I was just sitting around and could see the change. Now I can get back and hopefully start to see a physical change."

Even though Cox had been rehabbing from an injury, that didn't stop the offers from coming in.

"I have offers from Arizona, Arizona State, Utah, Arkansas, Boise State, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Notre Dame, Washington, Washington State, Colorado, Oregon State and Duke. I think the last offer might have been Utah, but Vanderbilt has been talking to me also."

Other colleges that are taking a look at Cox are Oregon, UCLA and BYU. BYU was the first college to scout out and recruit Cox.

"Yeah, I've been keeping in touch with Coach Tidwell a lot," Cox said. "He's going to come out here soon. I still haven't gotten an offer from BYU yet."

However, a BYU offer could very well be on the way.

"Coach Tidwell said he is 100 percent sure that if I were to come out to BYU's campus for a visit, they would offer me," said Cox. "If I came out there and checked things out to see if I liked it, he said I would get an offer."

Nevertheless, Cox doesn't have any plans yet to visit BYU.

"I would love to get out to some of those schools like BYU, Arkansas and Notre Dame. I would like to try and get out to some of those schools like that. I just don't have any plans yet, though I would love to try and get out to some of those schools."

Cox hasn't really begun to narrow down his choices.

"I haven't really made a huge list," Cox said. "Some of the schools that I mentioned that I've been talking to the most and mainly been keeping in touch with are [Arizon], Arkansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Washington and Boise State.

Having to go through the recruiting process can be difficult at times for Cox.

"People don't realize some of the stress that you go through as a recruit," Cox said. "To narrow it down to those, you know, is a big accomplishment. I don't think people understand how hard of a decision it is. I'm just a high school student trying to figure out something that will change my life. It's a pretty big deal."

Once Cox does choose a school, he aims to enroll early.

"I've made a plan, actually, to graduate early," said Cox. "I'll be graduating in December and think it will be a hug advantage for me, because I'll be able to enroll at a school for winter and then I'll be able to play spring football. That will be a huge advantage for me at the next level."

Cox said he is going to have to start making some decisions soon so he can begin narrowing down his choices and eventually choose the right school.

"I really want to be able to enjoy my senior year of football and not have to worry about all the stress of recruiting going on. I'm looking probably to commit sometime around the fall to get it over."

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