Ortiz mulling through options

Running back Jalen Ortiz from Centennial High School in Arizona mentioned he had an early favorite, but that doesn't mean he's isn't going to take a look at other colleges that have offered in order to have a better understanding of his options.

Jalen Ortiz's speed on the football field has caused a lot of college coaches to look his way. At the current moment, the 1,106 yard-rusher is trying to improve on some very impressive track numbers.

"I'm just doing track and it's going really well," Ortiz said. "My best time in the 100 meters is a 10.88 and a 21.85 in the 200. I'm just trying to improve on those times. I also run the 4x1 and the 4x4."

In March, Ortiz stated that he had an early favorite in Arizona State but hadn't been to many other schools for a comparison.

"Things are going great and I'm up to nine offers now," Ortiz said. "I have offers from Arizona, Arizona State, BYU, Washington, Washington State, Utah, Purdue, UCLA and Oregon State. I'm also talking to a couple other schools, so we'll see what happens."

Ortiz tries to frequently speak with the coaches that have offered him.

"I haven't spoken to many coaches recently other than the ones that I call up on occasion. I talked to Coach K [Klenakis] from Arkansas and talk to him every Wednesday. They're one of those schools that will hopefully offer that I've been talking to," Ortiz said shortly before Arkansas head coach Bobby Petrino was reported to have been fired. "I just try and call all the coaches that have offered and speak with them at least once a week."

Other schools that Ortiz feels might throw their hat in the ring are Boise State and Vanderbilt.

"[Vanderbilt] just asked me about my knowledge of SEC football and Vanderbilt football. It's a good process to go through. You just have to take it and enjoy it as it comes."

Despite trying to keep in touch with coaches, Ortiz admitted that he hasn't really had much contact with the BYU coaching staff.

"I haven't really talked with BYU that much, to be honest with you, since BYU came down I think during football season," Ortiz said.

That could be due to the fact the Cougar staff just finished spring camp, or that the offer could simply be tentative based on a visit to the campus, as has been the case in the past. Ortiz has plans to visit various colleges over the summer, including BYU and Utah.

"Yeah, I want to go check out a few colleges over the summer to get a better look at things," he said.

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