BYU Summer Camp: QB's Eager to Compare and Compete

Before they met face to face today, three high profile quarterbacks attending BYU's summer camp this week were simply eager for the chance to compare skills against each other.

The strong arm trio -- Jacob Bower, Max Hall and Paul Kruger -- are, according to some recruiting analysts, the best quarterback prospects from Idaho, Arizona and Utah this year. They are all LDS and are all interested in BYU.

Kruger, a local boy, is easy to spot by his imposing 6-6 height and 240-pound frame. Kruger demonstrated a strong arm and adequate footwork today throughout the drills.

"I'm definitely interested in BYU. I've been hearing from the coaches, but I haven't been offered yet. I'm hearing from such schools as Oregon and even Miami, thus far."

Kruger also spoke of their upcoming high school season: "I'm really excited to get going. We're going to have a great defense with Thor (Pili) and Isley (Filiaga) up front. I'm excited to play with them."

Kruger will have an uncommon perspective to gauge the effectiveness of his defensive line teammates.

"I'm going to play both sides of the ball this year and see what I can do at defensive end. I'm really excited about it." Kruger feels that playing and practicing at defensive end will improve his overall agility.

Many football scouts say you can tell more about a quarterback's ability by watching his feet rather than his arms and throwing motion. The quarterbacks in camp today were subjected to various footwork and many quick-motion drills.

Bower was especially impressive in these drills. He showed very nimble feet and with exceptional arm-strength. The Idaho prospect is fresh of his Elite 11 Quarterback tryout last week in California. He reportedly wowed recruiting analysts by breaking USC Heisman Trophy winner Carson Palmer's record by throwing the football 85 yards.

Upon hearing of Bower's apparent throwing feat, Hall was skeptical: "I have to see it. There's just no way. I have a very strong arm and I throw it 65-70 yards. 85 yards? That's far."

Hall was eager to learn everything about Bower. "I didn't notice him", but I want to know who he is. I've heard so much about him."

The Arizonan, nephew of ASU and Dallas Cowboys quarterback great Danny White, was also very impressive in today's drills. Unlike most other players willing to wait out and play the recruiting game, Hall is set on making a decision by the end of the summer.

"I want to make a decision after I visit all the camps this summer. I don't see a big need to wait. I just want to see how each campus feels and how well I get along with the coaches."

Hall said he is impressed with BYU head coach Gary Crowton and really likes assistant coach Paul Tidwell whom he has had primary contact with.

"They're both really nice guys. I really like Tidwell, but I'd like to get to know Crowton better before I leave camp."

Joining Hall at the Cougar camp was his trio of wide receivers from his Mountain View High School in Mesa, Arizona. Most prominent among them was Drew Mugleston, who stands at 6-2 and claims he can run a 4.43 forty. He said he is hearing from all the PAC-10 schools, Utah and BYU, but has yet to receive an offer.

His teammate Brendon McGowan, also stands at 6-2 and is hearing from Arizona State, BYU, Utah and most of the Ivy League schools.

Another quarterback of note at camp is Brent Hodgekiss from Irving, Texas, with an elder brother currently playing for BYU. Hodgekiss stands 6-2 and is hearing from BYU, Maryland, TCU and Rice, among other schools. He has yet to receive an offer. Brandon Doman's cousin from Oregon and Steven Covey from Timpview High are also camping this week at BYU.

CAMP NOTES: Nobody needs to ask if BYU's coaches are aware of receiver Austin Collie. All the coaches took time to chat with him.

"I don't plan on making my decision for a while yet, but I'd say it's definitely between BYU and Stanford at this point."

Collie did not participate today in the drills, but will do so tomorrow. He'll leave Wednesday for Stanford's camp which starts Thursday. Collie was accompanied by his older brother, Zach Collie, who is just a week removed from his LDS mission.

Zach, who will be a walk-on this fall for BYU, was succinct in his response as to the Cougars chances of landing his younger brother: "We'll get him here (BYU)."

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