BYU close to offering California cornerback

The BYU coaching staff saw a cornerback from Heritage High School in California play in person in the CIF championship last season. Now the coaches are evaluating him and could offer him a scholarship in the near future.

Coming in a 5 feet 11 inches and 180 pounds, Darius Allensworth was a force on the Heritage High School defense last year, racking up some nice stats as a junior.

"My performance last season playing both offense and defense, I had 64 tackles, four picks, four fumble [recoveries] on defense.

"On offense I had 30 receptions for 395 yards and five touchdowns."

BYU coaches were in the stands to watch Cougar commit Jamaal Williams of Summit High School run in the CIF championship. As Summit faced Heritage in a tough game, the Cougar coaches then discovered Allensworth.

"Oh yeah, I've been in contact with BYU," said Allensworth. "They noticed me and I had a good game. I've been talking with Coach Weber and we've been in touch a few times."

Allensworth recently picked up his first scholarship offer.

"I was actually expecting BYU to be my first offer, but my first offer was Arizona about three weeks ago," Allensworth said. "I'm still waiting for BYU to offer but I have a really good feeling they're going to offer me soon."

Allensworth has good reason to think a BYU offer may be coming soon.

"When I got offered by U of A, Coach Weber said, ‘Well, what if you were to be offered by BYU?'" said Allensworth. "We were just joking about that, so it kind of got me thinking they were going to offer me soon. They've seen my film and everything and Coach said they like me. Coach Weber came to our school and I talked with him for a brief period of time in my coach's office, so I know they're interested in me and think they'll offer me soon."

Allensworth plans on checking BYU out with some of his teammates.

"I feel like BYU is a place that I would like to go and check out," said Allensworth. "I'm just waiting right now and plan on heading up there over the summer with the Hifo boys: Limihai, Toni and Marvin."

The Hifo clan actually went to BYU's summer camp last year.

"When they came back they said it was nice and that there was a lot of competition," Allensworth said. "They said they really liked it and so I'm looking forward to heading out there with them and checking things out. All of them are close friends of mine, so I think it will be a good experience."

When Allensworth hits the road with his teammates to attend BYU's summer camp, there are a few things he wants to see and experience in order to judge whether he wants to attend school there.

"I want a great education at the college level," said Allensworth. "But one of the main factors that I'm looking for at college is a positive environment around me. I don't want to be in a negative environment, but at a place where people are happy. That's one of the main things for me."

Allensworth is not LDS but is interested in learning more about BYU's football program.

"I'm looking forward to seeing how they do things up there at BYU football-wise. I want to see what they do with coverages and stuff like that because I'm going to play defensive back at the next level. I know they're eager to get me out there for me to see everything to see what it's like to have a BYU experience."

Allensworth is a tackling machine for his team.

"When I spoke with the coaches of Arizona, they told me that they liked the way I came up from coverage to run support," Allensworth said. "They also mentioned that they liked the way I covered and how physical I am with tackling.

"You know, 64 tackles is quite a bit for a cornerback, so they said they liked the way I came up and always made plays. Like when there was a time when my team needed a big play, I always came through and made that play. I'm pretty quick and pretty fast and pride myself on making tackles."

In addition to BYU and Arizona, some other programs in the West are looking at some of the talent at Heritage High School.

"Yeah, Washington and Colorado is on us pretty heavy," said Allensworth. "Me and Jamal [Morrow] made unofficial visits to UCLA and Cal and they're looking at us, so there are a couple of colleges showing interest."

Chances are if Allensworth's evaluation fits and he does well during the BYU summer camp, he'll be offered a BYU Cougar scholarship.

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