Morrow eyeing BYU

Running back Jamal Morrow helped lead Heritage High School to the CIF Championship game in 2011, where BYU coaches were in attendance to watch Summit High School running back and soon-to-be Cougar Jamaal Williams. Now a senior, Morrow is hearing from schools such as UCLA, Colorado and BYU.

On the field, Jamal Morrow is quick and makes linebackers miss. At 5 feet 8 inches and 180 pounds, he's made a lot of defenders look silly with his ability to cut on a dime.

"I feel like when I get the ball I can see the field very well," Morrow said. "When I get into the open field I feel I have the speed and quickness to get by guys and hopefully score."

A versatile back, Morrow caught 15 passes for 139 yards last year, averaging 9.27 yards per reception. But, his biggest contribution to the Patriots' offense came by way of rushing the ball.

"I rushed for 1,777 yards on around 207 carries," Morrow said. "I'm a pretty versatile running back and can run routes and stuff like that."

In fact, Morrow recently more than held his own against some top competition.

"I went and participated in the Nike combine down in San Diego last Saturday and did really well," Morrow said. "At first we did a whole bunch of footwork drills, and then we did one-on-one drills against the backers.

"There was a ton of competition out there. I went up against the best linebacker. His name was Williams and he won the defensive MVP for the camp. I went up against him and was tearing him up on routes and stuff like that."

Morrow also played defensive back for Heritage, recording three interceptions and three fumble recoveries. He recorded a total of 35 tackles.

Members of the BYU coaching staff got their first glimpse of Morrow during the CIF-SS Eastern Division Championship between Summit High School and Heritage.

"They saw me in that game, and in that game they said they liked how I ran. I had around 120 yards in that championship game and said they liked how versatile I was."

The coaches have since been in contact with Morrow.

"Coach Weber came down from BYU to talk to me," Morrow said. "He talked to me and Darius [Allensworth] and said how they liked us and have a lot of interest in us. Coach Weber has talked to me a few times."

How does he feel about BYU taking an interest in him?

"Oh, I love it," Morrow said. "Just the fact that my name is being talked about from a college coach's mouth shows that they put in a lot of work to show me interest and maybe even picked up."

"I know [BYU's] really interested in my best friend Jamal Morrow," said Allensworth, Morrow's best friend, teammate and a fellow BYU recruit. "They were talking to the both of us and really want to get us both out there to see what it's like and have a BYU experience."

Other schools are showing interest in Morrow as well.

"UCLA has a lot of interest in me and Colorado is showing a lot of interest in me and they're sending me a lot of letters," Morrow said. "I talked to Coach Cabral of Colorado, and Oregon State has sent me some mail, and Utah State."

This summer, Morrow and Allensworth will make their way to BYU's summer camp along with fellow Heritage prospects Sione Takitaki and Limihai Hifo.

"I want to see the type of competition that's at the camp," said Morrow. "I also would like to take a tour of the campus to see how it feels. I talked to some of my teammates that have been up to BYU and they've told me that BYU is a really good school."

Last year teammates Tony Hifo, Kiu Hifo, Limihai Hifo and Sione Takitaki participated in BYU's summer camp.

"They told me that it's different than any of the other colleges out there, so I'm going to go with them and go check it out this summer," Morrow said. "I want to go to a place that makes me feel like home. I also want to go to a school that has a winning program and great academics, so I want to go down there with some of my teammates and try and check some things out."

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