Weichers among top Cougar prospects

One reason why Utah represented so well in the New Level Athletics 7 on 7 Tournament in Las Vegas was because of Bingham High School wide receiver Hayden Weichers. Although he has yet to receive a BYU scholarship offer, Weichers is one of the staff's top prospects.

Hayden Weichers was in Las Vegas for the NLA Tournament, in which Utah beat out 43 other teams from various states to win the championship.

"I did pretty good during the tournament," said Weichers. "The wind was blowing hard and it was a huge factor. They took me down there to be a deep threat, so it was kind of hard to get the deep ball because it would just sail out of bounds or not where I was.

"I think I still scored around five or six touchdowns. Our quarterback had to throw the short little digs, but I was still able to score a few touchdowns."

During BYU's spring camp, Weichers came down to watch the team practice. He was joined by fellow teammates Lowell Lotulelei and Keegan Hicks.

"They came down around 3:00," Weichers said. "Coach Doman asked me if I could come down around 1:00 and meet with the coaches. It was a good experience and I got a chance to talk to Coach Howell a little more and Coach DuPaix. Coach Doman couldn't be there because he had to go to his niece's wedding lunch, so he couldn't be there, but I got a chance to hang out with the coaches a little and got a better vibe of BYU."

Weichers got a better view of what it's like being around the Cougar Coaches.

"I think they're very relaxed and just really good guys," he said. "They're just all really good guys and I would love to play for them some day."

Although he missed Coach Doman that day at BYU, Weichers has talked with the Cougar offensive coordinator about his recruitment.

"Coach Doman is pretty open about it," Weichers said. "He said I was their top-two receiver recruit behind [Lone Peak's Talon] Shumway."

The Cougar coaching staff has set aside two scholarships for the wide receiver position, with one being set aside for Shumway. The second scholarship could go to one of two different players.

"It's between me and [Cottonwood's] Inoke Lotulelei," said Weichers. "They have two wide receiver scholarships and they already offered one to Talon Shumway, so they told me that they are going to wait and see if he commits to either BYU or Utah.

"They said if Talon commits to Utah, that me and Inoke would both have a scholarship to BYU. Coach Doman said that if Talon does commit to BYU, then it will come down to the both of us in who gets that second offer, but he told me that if I can perform as well or better than I did last Junior Day, then I could count on a scholarship."

So how does Weichers feel about that?

"I think that would be awesome!" he said.

Weichers feels he won't have to wait until the end of his season to know he he'll get a BYU offer or not.

"I think I should know either on Junior Day in early June, or on the day that I go to BYU's camp," Weichers said.

It would be an honor for Weichers to receive an offer from BYU, in part because he would be following in the footsteps of his father, a former Cougar wide receiver.

"If they pulled the trigger they would be tied for my top school. My dad went there and played football in ‘90 to ‘92 before he had a blood clot in his shoulder," said Weichers. "I also have a cousin [Chase Weichers] who is going to BYU and he wants me to go there. He's going to BYU on an academic scholarship and so he told me that I better get that scholarship. He's just going to go to school and isn't going to play football."

As a junior last season, Weichers was one of the top wide receivers in Utah.

"I scored nine touchdowns last season and one kickoff return for a touchdown," Weichers said. "I led the state with yard per catch with a 22-yard average, and I had 33 receptions last year for 750 yards I think."

With his very good speed, Weichers was the Miners' deep threat downfield. This year he has set some lofty goals for his senior and final season of Bingham football.

"I've already dropped my forty into the high 4.4 range, so I've already gotten my speed up and I'm getting bigger," Weichers said. "I want to get my speed and weight up so no matter where I am on the field I'm a threat to score.

"I want to break the season and career yardage record. I want to break the reception yards and touchdowns receptions per year and most touchdowns per game. And then if I play on the defense, I want to get the most picks in a game. I was told that I'll probably be playing cornerback this year because our defensive backfield isn't as good this year as in years past."

It wouldn't be the first time he's played defense.

"I kind of want to play defense and will probably play corner, and then for impact situations, safety," said Weichers. "I first started playing defensive back my freshman and sophomore years. Last year was my first time every playing offense. I asked if I could and they said yes because I was fast and had good hands. I was able to do what I did as a wide receiver in my first year, so next year I expect to be better all the way around."

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