Lotulelei keeping fingers crossed

On Saturday, many recruits with offers will be attending BYU's Super Elite Day to learn more about BYU and what the college has to offer. There is one prospect however without a scholarship that has been asked specifically to attend. He's hoping there is a reason for that.

Cottonwood High School wide receiver Inoke Lotulelei racked up a lot of yards last season catching passes from highly rated quarterback Cooper Bateman.

"I'm 5'8", 175 pounds and last year I had around 1,200 yards receiving," Inoke said. "I had 16 touchdowns I think. It's nice having a quarterback like Cooper Bateman because I don't ever have to make hard catches, he's so accurate.

"I'm kind of a shifty, slippery receiver. I play the slot and whenever I go to BYU or Utah's camps they always tell me that I remind them of Reno Mahe. I'm a shifty guy who makes it hard for people to tackle me."

Inoke is the cousin of Bingham High School defensive lineman and BYU recruit Lowell Lotulelei, as well as his brother Star, who plays for Utah.

"Their dad and my dad are first cousins," said Inoke.

Inoke has spoken to Lowell about playing together at BYU.

"Yeah, that would be so sweet, but I'm thinking he might go to Utah, but I'm trying," said Inoke. "I talk to him about it all the time and say, ‘Hey, let's go play at BYU.' He just laughs, but I try. Hopefully it works."

When it comes to schools in Utah, BYU was the family favorite among the Lotuleleis. At least, that was until Star – who was at one time committed to BYU - signed with Utah after attending junior college.

"Yeah, my dad and my uncles are all BYU fans, so I just grew up a BYU fan all my life," said Inoke. "My mom went to Utah, so there's a little bit of that going on in our family. We've tried to get her to like BYU, but she is such a Utah fan when BYU plays Utah. She'll probably become a BYU fan once I go there."

Inoke said that BYU is one of this top schools for spiritual, academic and proximity reasons.

"That's probably the school I would go to because their standards are closer to what mine are because I plan on serving a mission," said Inoke. "BYU is also closer to home and I would be closer to my family, so they could come out to my games and all that."

During BYU's spring camp, both Inoke and Bateman watched the Cougars in action.

"Cooper went down there to watch a BYU practice," Inoke said. "He said he really liked it. I've gone down there and watched a couple of their practices. They said they are super close to offering me."

On Saturday, BYU will host many recruits for a Junior Day called ‘Super Elite Day.'

"I'm going down to their Junior Day tomorrow and I'll be able to talk to them about [a possible scholarship] tomorrow," he said. "I know they're super close to offering me, so I'm just waiting.

"I'm just going to go up there with [teammate and Utah commit] Siale [Fakailoatonga] and my parents. My high school coach told me today that it's only for those who have offers, but that they wanted me to come down, so I'm hoping that they offer me tomorrow. I got really excited when my coach told me that it's only for players with offers, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. It's all I'm thinking about right now."

Inoke currently only has one offer.

"I got offered my first offer from UCLA a couple of weeks ago, so that's exciting," said Inoke. "I know that they have a new coach, Coach Mora, and I talked to him a few times. He's a great guy. I know they're in the Pac-12, but other than that I don't know much about their program."

If BYU does offer Inoke on Saturday, there is a good chance he would commit to the Cougar staff on the spot.

"I think I would because some people have said that some players have committed to UCLA already," said Inoke. "Some people have said not to, but I think if BYU did offer me, I would commit."

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