Handley receives BYU scholarship offer

Alta High School tight end Harrison Handley attended BYU's Super Elite Day on Saturday following a visit to the University of Utah's Junior Day. While at the Cougar campus, he received an unexpected surprise.

Harrison Handley is a 6-foot-6-inch, 210-pound tight end with a self-reported forty time of 4.53, a bench of 245, a squat of 312 and a max clean of 224.

He and the other recruits on campus Saturday for BYU's Super Elite Day were given a tour of BYU's broadcasting facilities.

"Yeah, it's awesome!" Harrison Handley said. "We went down there and had a tour of BYU's new ESPN station room they built down there. We took a tour of the new station and that was awesome. After that we sat down and ate, but I had to go because I have an activity that I had to go to."

Before he left, however, the coaches made sure to talk to Handley.

"Coach Mendenhall and Coach Reynolds pulled me aside and I went into a room with Coach Mendenhall," Handley said. "That's when he offered me."

The offer by Coach Mendenhall took Handley by surprise.

"I wasn't expecting that at all," said Handley. "I went up to the Utah Junior Day, but I got this thing yesterday saying that I was invited to BYU's Super Elite Day down at BYU. So we left Utah's Junior Day around 12:00 and went down to BYU with my dad. That's when it happened and it was so exciting. My dad was pumped too!"

Handley had been wishing that BYU would offer him.

"I was so excited," he said. "I had been waiting for a while and was hoping that I would get one. I was just thinking to myself that it would be so awesome if they did offer me, so when I finally got the offer I was so excited! I was just pumped.

"Everything was just running through my head. I've always dreamed of playing for BYU, and always wanted the chance to play football there. Now I have the chance to go there."

The offer from BYU is Handley's second offer, the first coming from Utah State. Although he was happy to have received an offer from BYU, a college he grew up cheering for, Handley didn't commit to Coach Mendenhall on the spot.

"Coach Mendenhall was extremely pumped and just wanted me to go home and talk about it with my family," Handley said. "He wants me to talk it over with them to see what's best for me. I'm just going to wait and talk to my parents and my coaches to see what's best, then decide that way."

Even though he didn't commit on Saturday and is mulling over the offer from BYU, Handley wouldn't be surprised if he did end up committing to BYU.

"I think there is a pretty good chance," he said. "But, again, I just want to talk it over with my parents and talk it out and see what happens."

To be a part of and continue BYU's storied tight end tradition is something Handley is excited about.

"Oh, it's so awesome!" he said. "There are so many tight ends that have gone through BYU's football program that it is awesome. I love how they use their tight ends up there and how much they throw to them. They're really involved up there and there's not many schools that use their tight ends as much as BYU does and I love that. I hope that, if I choose to go there, that I can keep that tradition going."

All in all, Handley is thrilled to have been offered by BYU.

"It is just awesome and a huge honor to get a scholarship by BYU," Handley said. "I'm not sure when I plan on making a decision, but when I do I might go to college for a year and then go on my mission. I'm not really sure yet because I haven't really thought it through that much, but that's what I'll probably do, but we'll see. I'm just way pumped about the offer by BYU. It's been a really good day for me."

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