Inoke Lotulelei still hoping for BYU offer

The Cougar coaching staff invited many recruiting prospects for an unofficial visit to BYU's campus this past weekend. Most of the recruits that attended BYU's Super Elite Day had a Cougar scholarship offer. Inoke Lotulelei, however, was one of the exceptions.

"The other kids that were down there were offered, but they wanted me to come down for some reason," Inoke Lotulelei said. "I thought they were going to offer me, but I think they just wanted me to come down to spend some time with the coaching staff and get a look around the broadcasting center. That was really cool."

One recruit that was with Lotulelei was his Cottonwood High School teammate Siale Fakailoatonga, who has committed to Utah.

"We talked about it on the way home and he said he really liked it," Lotulelei said. "He said he really liked it and thought it was really cool. He loves the coaching staff at BYU, as well as I do, and he thinks they're really cool. He was leaning towards Utah more but after going up there I think it's got him thinking more."

Lotulelei – whose last name means "good prayer" in Tongan – was also accompanied by his cousin Lowell Lotulelei.

"Lowell my cousin was there with his father," said Inoke. "I didn't really get a chance to talk to him and just joked around with him a bit. I said, ‘Hey are you ready to come down there and play with me?' He just kind of laughed. I think my uncle likes it up there. I think he would like Lowell to do down there, but it's just up to him to make the final decision."

During his visit, Inoke was able to speak with the Cougar coaches.

"They said football is a tool to help spread the message of the Church and the principles of BYU," Lotulelei said. "Coach Mendenhall said that the purpose was to bring more attention to the Church. He said that the Church owns BYU and leader of the Church is a prophet, and so when I met with Coach Mendenhall he said that the purpose of the football program was to help bring more attention to the message of the Church. He said that was one of the bigger ways to spread it. I think that's pretty cool and definitely one of the reasons why they built that broadcasting facility."

The Cottonwood High School wide receiver also learned more about the possible options the Cougar coaches have for him.

"They gave me two options," he said. "I know one of my options is to get the second receiver scholarship this year, and then the second option they talked to me about was to come to BYU and greyshirt, then go on my mission. Then they said when I come home from my mission there would be a scholarship waiting for me."

How does Lotulelei feel about that?

"It's definitely making me work even that much harder," said Lotulelei. "I'm doing more catching and getting ready for that. I think it's way cool. I'm just kind of waiting and it's kind of a motivation for me. They know how bad I want to go there, so it's kind of a motivation for me and really exciting for me. I just want to try and earn one this year if I can and then see what happens later."

Lotulelei will have a chance to prove himself once again in a few weeks when he comes back to Provo.

"When I talked to the coaches afterwards they told me to get ready for this camp that's coming up in a couple of weeks," said Lotulelei. "They said it will probably be a deciding factor if I get the scholarship. I remember going to it last year and you go through drills and do one-on-ones. I'm just going to get ready for that."

Meanwhile, the Cougar coaches plan on visiting Cottonwood High School.

"They're actually coming down tomorrow morning and will stop by," Lotulelei said on Monday. "We have early morning throw-around with the receivers and quarterbacks, and I think they're going to stop by and watch that. I think Coach DuPaix and Coach Doman are coming down, so I want to do good for tomorrow too."

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