Plans change quickly for Allensworth

Heritage High School safety Darius Allensworth felt that he was on the cusp of receiving a Cougar scholarship offer, and so plans to visit BYU this summer were in the works. Since his recent commitment to Arizona, however, that has changed.

At one time, Darius Allensworth thought that BYU was going to be his first offer. However, Arizona reached the finish line first and Allensworth committed to the Wildcats last Saturday.

"I went down there with one of my friends and I enjoyed the campus," he said. "It was nice and I felt at home. I just liked it."

With interest coming in from BYU, why did Allensworth commit so soon given the fact he could have had more options to choose from?

"I just pulled the trigger because they had been showing me some love," said Allensworth. "I just felt good about it because no else had pulled the trigger on me, and U of A had been showing me the love since last March."

Allensworth originally planned to visit BYU's summer camp with a few of his fellow teammates.

"Yeah, that kind of changed a little bit and I'm not sure if I'll be going on down there," he said. "We'll see how everything goes and if they offer or not. Hopefully me pulling the trigger might trigger more offers, but I love U of A, so we'll see how it goes in the long run."

Allensworth believed that BYU was close to offering him a full-ride scholarship, but that the staff wanted him to first come to BYU's campus. If he truly wants to get other offers – namely an offer from BYU – would he still go to the campus to receive that offer?

"I'm not sure," he said. "I probably won't. To be honest, I might not go down there, but I'll talk it over with my family and see how it goes."

With that being the case, his commitment to Arizona seems solid.

"Yeah, it's pretty solid," Allensworth said. "It's solid."

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