Junior college safety receiving interest

In 2011 the Cougar coaches brought in junior college safety Joe Sampson, who then contributed to BYU's defense over the course of the season. On Thursday a member of the Cougar staff will be down in Southern California to scout out another junior college safety.

His name is Robertson Daniel and he prepped at Branham High School located in San Jose. Following his high school senior year, Daniel went to nearby De Anza Junior College, where he excelled at multiple positions.

"I play free safety and I play corner," Daniel said. "I can also play wide receiver, but I had seven interceptions in the two years I played at De Anza. My first year I played cornerback and slot receiver, and this past year I played free safety and outside corner."

Daniel is finished with junior college football and will graduate soon at the end of the school year. As a 6-foot-2-inch, 200-pound safety, Daniel received first-team all-state honors and was an All-American first-team selection. He was also named first-team all-league and the team's MVP this past year.

"I'm smart and fast and I make intelligent plays," he said. "I've got a good nose for the ball and my strengths are tackling. As a free safety I was second on the team in tackles."

Daniel didn't get much recruiting attention at all while back in high school.

"I wasn't really recruited out high school," said Daniel. "My grades weren't that good and my high school wasn't big in football. We didn't really get colleges coming out to my high school, so that's why I went to the J.C. route to play football. Now I'm working towards completing my AA degree and looking forward to graduating. I'll be graduating soon and looking to move on."

BYU could be the place he moves on to, although it isn't the only school looking at him.

"Yeah, I talk to BYU, and Texas Tech is showing interest in me," said Daniel. "I'll be talking to both of them this week. I think BYU will be down here Thursday. My head coach Dan Atencio told me that BYU and Texas Tech will be down here."

Out of the two universities, Daniel said he knows more about BYU than he does about Texas Tech.

"I'll be visiting with a BYU recruiting coach this week. I'm pretty excited about it because I want to play at the next level. I met a BYU coach my freshman year at De Anza because he was at our bowl game. He was on our sidelines during the game. He then called my coach and told him that he was interested in me. I was able to talk to him over the phone and he told me that he wanted to evaluate me."

Through the recruiting process over the past year, Daniel was able to learn about BYU.

"Everything was explained to me about the school and what to expect," said Daniel. "I haven't been on BYU's campus yet because I've been focusing on school. I was taking 21 units a quarter, so I didn't really have the time, but I know BYU is a Mormon school and play as an independent. I know about their defense and know what they run.

"I also know that they expect more of you than just being a football player. I know about the honor code and about their standard policies and what they expect from their athletes, things like what we should and shouldn't do with the code they follow."

Daniel feels the honor code at BYU is something that he can live by.

"I feel the honor code is good because it will help me stay focused in why I want to go to college," he said. "I want to play football and get an education, so I don't mind about all that other stuff. I'm there to play football and go to school and be a really good teammate."

Daniel is now hoping that a school will extend an offer.

"Hopefully one of them will pull the trigger and give me a scholarship," Daniel said. "It's a good thing and everyone is telling me that when I get my AA Degree a scholarship could be on the table. I should know more here soon."

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