Morrow still intending to visit BYU

Many Pac-12 colleges plan on visiting Southern California's Heritage High School this week to check out some of the athletes. At least one such school will be there to take a look at running back Jamal Morrow.

"There's a couple coaches from schools coming down," said Jamal Morrow. "I just talked to the Colorado coach, Coach Cabral, and he said he would be coming down for our spring ball. I know USC is coming down to see Darius [Allensworth], and I think that's it for now, but I wouldn't be surprised if more coaches come over the next week or two."

Recently, Oregon State defensive line coach Joe Seumalo spoke with Morrow.

"I talked to him for quite a bit about their program," said Morrow. "Then my coach talked with Fresno State, and so they could be showing interest in me here soon. He also talked with UNLV and Nevada, who are taking a look now."

Right now Morrow is running track for the Patriots' track team, and turned in an 11.4 100 meter time. He is also participating in the 4x1 and the long jump.

As for his summer plans, Morrow still plans on coming to BYU's summer camp.

"I don't think Darius is now [coming to BYU's camp], but I know I plan on still heading on out there," said Morrow. "I still want to check out one of their camps out there over the summer, so I still plan on heading up there with the rest of the boys around the 18th of June, I believe. I'm not sure the exact date but I think it's around that time."

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