Representing BYU in all things

Hard-hitting Central Catholic High School safety Dallin Leavitt has been receiving a lot of interest from Oregon, Cal, Purdue, Stanford, Missouri, Illinois and Washington lately. While Leavitt will be attending many combines beginning in May, he'll do so with one purpose on his mind.

Let's get one thing clear: Dallin Leavitt is still committed to BYU. However, he's receiving a lot of attention from other universities, but there's a reason behind his "opening things up" mantra.

That reason is to bring more attention to BYU.

"I always want to represent BYU. You know, me and Brayden [Kearsley], when we go up to, say like Washington's combine, and everyone asks us, ‘Who are you committed to?' and we're like, ‘BYU.' I always want to represent BYU on the field and in the classroom to give a good name to BYU."

Earlier this week, BYU linebacker coach Kelly Poppinga stopped by the Portland area and paid a visit to Leavitt.

"He was at my school last Tuesday," said Leavitt. "I had a lifting period and he came by when I was lifting and watched me lift some weights. He was, you know, showing me that he loves me."

Leavitt didn't put on a lifting show for the Cougar coach, but he can lift a lot of weight.

"I haven't maxed out on bench forever," said Leavitt. "I would say it's around 290 right now. My clean right now is 310 or 315 and my squat is around 515 or 520."

At this time of the school year, Leavitt is no longer running track. Instead, he's focusing on developing other aspects of his physical abilities.

"I've been working out with a family friend who is a trainer," Leavitt said. "He knows what the heck he's doing. He's made everything that I do go up. My shuttle, my forty time and my strength have all gone up working out with him."

He's also increased other areas of his athleticism.

"Me and my dad just measured my vertical jump last night and it's now a 37," said Leavitt. "Last winter I got hand-timed in the forty at a 4.48. If I was timed electrically it would allegedly be around 4.53. By June I want to be able to run a 4.48 electric time."

Leavitt aims to be among the top S.P.A.R.Q. ratings in the nation. So far the top S.P.A.R.Q. rating in the country was turned in by 6-foot-3-inch, 241-pound Yulee, Florida running back and Georgia commit Derrick Henry. He posted a 138.03 rating, which is quite amazing.

"They have combines and stuff like that around here that I'll be going to," said Leavitt. "I'll be going to a NFSA camp. I mean, I'll be going to one in May and that's just kind of an early combine for me and more like a prep combine. I'll probably head out to the Nike combine in Tigard.

"If I hit all these numbers that I want in my S.P.A.R.Q. score, I'll hit a 133.0 or something like that. It'd be top 15 or 20 in the nation. That's my goal and I'm not sure if I'll get there but that's my goal. It's a reasonable goal I think I can get."

So if he's firmly committed to BYU, why go to so many camps?

"To be honest, I go to camps and combines to compete, because if I don't I'll go crazy," Leavitt said. "It's really just a lot of competition and I just want to show everyone that I'm the best player in the Northwest. I'm trying to show everyone that I'm the best player on the West Coast. It's really just proving that I'm the best that I can possibly be. Again, it's about representing BYU in all things."

Leavitt will be in Provo over this summer as well to attend the Cougars' Junior Day and summer camp.

"Yeah, I'll be down there for two weeks," he said. "I'll be down there from June 17th to the 29th or something like that."

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