Brayden Kearsley gives his top five

He committed to BYU, but that doesn't mean the letters and offers have stopped pouring in for his services. Aloha High School offensive lineman Brayden Kearsley's recruitment has been heating up.

Brayden Kearsley currently has eight scholarship offers, with more to surely come in the near future.

"A coach from Colorado showed up at my school and said, ‘Hey, just to let you know, you have an offer from Colorado,'" Kearsley said. "I was like, ‘Alright, sweet!'"

Kearsley has made it known that he wants to take some campus visits in order to be more sure of the best decision. In addition to BYU, he currently has offers from Arizona State, Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon State, UCLA, Utah and Washington.

"I know once Arkansas gets their new head coach I'm going to get an offer from them," Kearsley said. "I was about to get an offer from Bobby Petrino but he was fired out of there. Nebraska and a lot of other top schools are about to offer me also."

It appears others schools could be jumping into the recruiting mix as well for the services of the seventh-ranked offensive lineman in the nation.

"USC came down too and I talked to them," said Kearsley. "I actually talked to them and they came out to my track practice and filmed me. They already were interested in me but they seem really interested now. They said they only have 13 scholarships to give, so they're going to wait a little. The USC coach told me, ‘Yeah, you'll have some good news soon.'

"I think Cal is also close to offering me. I'm expecting an offer from them soon. Also, Arizona is another that's close to offering me along with Nebraska. They're all showing a lot of interest in me and have been talking to me and telling me good things."

Kearsley committed to BYU at the age of 15. But with all those schools pursuing him, what would be his top five?

"Well, my first school would be BYU," he said. "My number two would be Oregon State. Ever since I was a little kid I just loved the atmosphere of Oregon State. It's blue collar, which is my style, and pro style and Coach Cavanaugh has the third most offensive linemen in the NFL out of college. He's just a good guy and Coach Riley is a great head coach.

"My number three school would be Hawaii. I like their o-line coach, Coach Wiesehan. He just seems like a really cool guy. I went down there over spring break and went down there with an [alumnus] of Hawaii, and he was like, ‘Do you know Coach Chow?' I was like, ‘Oh yeah.' I just talked to him and really liked it down there.

"I just really like their coaches down there. Norm Chow was a former Ute, so I had a bad taste about him at first, but then I thought, ‘Ah, whatever. He was a Cougar longer.' Norm Chow is one of the better guys that I've ever met in person when I met a head coach.

"I also have a cousin who is a basketball recruit for them. I went to go check him out and watched him shoot some baskets, and they saw me in there and we talked. Also, it's in Hawaii, so why not?

"My number four would be Arizona State. The weather is one thing and the new stadium they're building is going to be huge and nice and first class. I like how they're all good guys down there and just respectful guys down there and how they treat their recruits. I know they're a party school and that's something my parents have said. At the same time I also know a lot of return missionaries from their team."

"Then my number five would be UCLA. Coach Adrian Klemm is just a really good offensive line coach. He has three Super Bowl rings as a great player. He's been recruiting me really hard. I mean, like super hard. Coach Tuiasosopo and Coach Klemm are great guys and are recruiting well. They're really respectable guys and I think UCLA is going to be on the rise in the Pac-12 conference."

What about those teams just outside Kearsley's top five?

"Washington for sure," he said. "I also like Colorado because Colorado is beautiful."

If some of the schools that haven't offered Kearsley yet were to extend an offer, that could change his list.

"Of the schools that haven't offered me yet, I would have to say USC definitely," said Kearsley. "USC would definitely be in my top five. They would probably replace Arizona State. I don't know about Nebraska though. It's a great offer but it's so far away from home."

Over the spring, Kearsley attended a couple of BYU's spring practices to watch the team play and reacquaint himself with the school.

"I hadn't been to BYU in a while, and I hadn't felt that feeling," he said. "So for a little bit while these offers started coming in I thought, ‘Hey, what the heck? Like, maybe I could do this?' Then I went down to BYU for a couple of spring practices and I was like, ‘I get that same exact feeling every time I go here.'"

What did he think of the Cougars' practices?

"Even thought they had a lot of players injured, I just really liked how efficient and effective they ran their practices," he said. "My eye kind of got caught on the defense. I really think that defense is going to be one of the top defenses in the nation this year. It's so unbelievable how hard they work and how good they are. They have a lot of talent and a lot of experience just honed by Coach Mendenhall on that defense."

While watching the Cougars practice, Kearsley took notes and came away very impressed with some individual showings and overall team demeanor.

"I've never seen an overall team so hungry and focused," Kearsley said. "I mean, Riley [Nelson] is so honed in and focused on dominating the whole schedule this year. Then on defense you have Kyle Van Noy back and Spencer Hadley, who is an outside backer, and Ian [Dulan] who's back and really focused.

"Then you have some of these young bucks coming up that are going to be incredible players, guys like Moses [Kaumatule], who was giving Braden Hansen a run for his money. He's a freaking stud and has a motor that doesn't stop. The other redshirt freshman from Bingham [Manoa Pikula] is a stud too - the middle linebacker is going to be a stud. This should be a very good team this year and for years to come."

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