BYU evaluating Masina

Brighton High School fullback and linebacker Uaea Masina is receiving quite a bit of interest from BYU, Utah State and Utah. He was visited by members of the Utah coaching staff on Wednesday and has been to BYU's campus multiple times as recruiting heats up.

At 6 feet 4 inches and 212 pounds, and with one more year of high school football left to play, Brighton prospect Uaea Masina has some good size to go with some good athletic stats.

"My forty time is just under 4.7 and around 4.65," said Masina, whose father is Samoan and mother is Caucasian. "I squat 515, clean 255 pounds and my bench is 240."

Projected to be on the defensive side of the ball at the next level, Masina primarily played fullback for Brighton High School last season.

"Last year I played mostly offense and a little defense because I rolled my ankle, and so when I came back they needed me more on offense and got to do a lot more of that. On defense, I think I only had 46 tackles and on offense I ran for seven touchdowns and caught two. Rushing yards, I only had around 530 or so."

About three weeks ago, Masina raised some eyebrows with his performance at the NLA seven-on-seven camp held in Las Vegas.

"I felt like I did pretty good down there but felt I could have done better," he said. "It was fun and I liked the team and coaches. We didn't get scored on the first day we were out there. That was kind of crazy and we never heard of anyone doing that before. I'm pretty sure on the first day I had like three picks and as a team we had like five, so it was a good day and no one could score on us."

Masina feels he has the size and potential to play different positions in college.

"In terms of a position at the next level, I can see myself as a guy who could add weight and go down on the d-line or at a linebacker position. I'm not afraid to play any linebacker position and cover quick guys. When I was playing for Team Utah down in Las Vegas they put me on the other team's running backs and quickest guys just because I could jam them up."

On Wednesday, recruiters from the University of Utah stopped by Brighton High School to watch Masina work out.

"At Utah, some coaches were talking about putting me at d-end because I have some speed," said Masina. "Utah actually stopped by today and watched me lift and to say hi. They want me to call them later tonight, so I'll call and see what's up."

BYU is also in the mix and has been for quite some time. In fact, Masina has been down to BYU's campus more times than any other in state college.

"With BYU, I talk to a lot of their coaches," he said. "I talk to Coach Poppinga, the outside linebackers coach, and they actually gave me tour the last time I went down there. I saw their stadium and facilities and educational system and where the coaches' offices are and all that stuff. They want me to come down to their camps and stuff. BYU came up to get my transcripts a while ago and came up to watch me a little bit."

Masina will be visiting Utah State soon as well.

"I'm going up to Utah's State Junior Day with a teammate of mine," Masina said. "They invited me to come up to one of their day camps."

There are also a few California schools keeping in touch with Masina.

"When I was down in Cali I actually went to USC and UCLA," Masina said. "I toured their campus and keep in touch through email, but it's nothing too serious. Stanford is actually looking at me, but I just have to keep up my grades, you know."

So what is Masina looking for at the next level?

"What I'm mainly looking for are good coaches and good players that I like and feel comfortable being around," Masina said. "I want to be around good people because I'm going to be around those guys year-round, so I want to make sure that I'm comfortable in that environment.

"I also want to look and see how well of an educational system is at the university. I want to get a good education and see how well of a support system they have for their athletes."

So what was Masina's impression of BYU's education system while he was on campus?

"They place a lot of emphasis and resources on you getting your degree," he said. "They have a really good education system at BYU and they have tutors for everything and for every player. Like, they have a lot of resources for their players to help them stay on top of their classes. If you ever slip in a class, they have counselors looking at each player to make sure that they are staying on top of their expectations and will have people check in on you saying, ‘Hey, are you alright with this class and do you need help?' They're not afraid to come up to you and ask you if you need help. I thought that was really cool."

Masina said he isn't quite sure yet about what he wants to study in college.

"I'm kind of looking into something like engineering because every test I've ever taken tells me that I should be an engineer. My accumulative GPA from my last grade was a 3.5. This year so far I've gotten a 3.2 and a 3.8."

Masina isn't LDS but likes BYU's environment.

"I went down there around two or three weeks ago," he said. "I actually liked it a lot. I mean, the first time I went down there I thought it was going to be some overly religious type deal because BYU is a Mormon school. Like, I wasn't really sure about it. When I went down there I really liked it because it was really chill, but they just have a little higher academic and moral standards on how you should act and how you should treat others. I felt really comfortable there and actually liked it a lot.

"I think what I liked about BYU was that everyone has high standards for themselves. No one really goes there just to be there. Everyone goes there because they want to be someone and do something. They all expect a lot more from themselves and those around them. I really like that."

Masina feels that there are three colleges that are close to pulling the trigger.

"Close to offering me, I think Utah is close and mentioned something about that today," Masina said. "Coach Sitake and Coach Hill came down today.

"BYU came down, I think, last week on Monday. It was Coach Poppinga and Coach DuPaix. I speak to Coach DuPaix a lot and he introduced me to Coach Poppinga because he's the outside linebacker coach, so I speak to both of those two guys. They're looking at me at the outside linebacker position and showed me some film when I was down there. It's not the linebacker where you're at the d-end position, but out covering receivers and be all over.

"BYU told me that once they see in person they'll decide or will wait a little bit then, so they're pretty close and that's exciting as well. Colorado came by the other day and said they're close to offering but want to see me in person at a Junior Day type deal. So, that's pretty exciting too right there."

Of the schools taking an interest in him, Masina feels that BYU is further along in the recruiting process than the others.

"Yeah, I think so mainly because I've been down to BYU three times, where I've been up to Utah twice," Masina said. "They came to visit me and might be ahead of Utah a little, but I don't know how much.

"I'm hoping BYU offers me but I'm not going to jump on the first offer just because it was the first offer. I'm hoping a few schools offer me so that I can make a choice based on what's best for me. I'm going to look at all my options and discuss those options with my parents on where I might and might not go."

Masina said he doesn't really have a favorite school right now, though there is one that could possibly earn that spot by offering him.

"If Stanford offered me I would probably consider them just because of how high their academic standards are. I know if you go to Stanford and get a degree you're pretty much set for life. They might have a little bit of an advantage because of that, but I love all the schools that are recruiting me."

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