Washington receiving more offers

BYU junior college cornerback recruit Carroll Washington has seen his stock rise since receiving a scholarship offer from the Cougars. The Hartnell Junior College prospect now has five Division I scholarship offers.

"Things are going pretty good," Carroll Washington said. "I just got another offer from San Diego State. I received a phone call about an hour ago and was told that I have an offer. Then earlier in the week on Tuesday, Texas Tech offered me a scholarship as well."

Originally from Baltimore, Washington's gamble to forgo a Division II college scholarship for the chance to play on a bigger stage seems to be finally paying off.

"Yeah, that was a tough decision to make because my mom wanted me closer to home," he said. "It's not much of an issue for me, but it as for my mother. She wasn't comfortable with me coming all the way across the country to Hartnell [in California]. I told her that I had a better opportunity if I went all the way out there to Hartnell. I think the decision to come out here to play is finally paying off. I think it's a blessing. That's all I can say."

Washington has been in recent contact with various universities.

"The last time I spoke to BYU, I think, was earlier this week," said Washington. "I spoke to San Diego State earlier today and that was the first time I spoke to them, and Arkansas, I spoke to them after the spring game, which was last Saturday. They're supposed to come see me tomorrow, and I spoke to Mississippi State about a week ago too and they're supposed to come see me around the first week of May and possibly come down and see me in the summer."

There are a few other colleges that have recently reached out to Washington.

"I spoke to Kansas and have heard from Oregon State," Washington said. "Kansas sounded like they were going to offer me next. The other five have said they're offering me.

"These are just all verbal offers and none of them are through the mail or anything. We want to see that black and white, and I believe the coaches when they say they've offered me.

"I spoke to Coach Mendenhall and he said he's offering me a scholarship and is trying to set up a visit for that first game against Washington State."

Chances are that BYU and other colleges will extend an official offer once he makes the effort to step on campus.

"Yeah, that sounds about right," Washington said. "I also think that when some of these colleges come down to see me in May or over the summer, that's when I'll get the actual scholarship offers."

So, the plan for Washington is to visit the schools recruiting him.

"If the opportunity presents itself, I want to go on as many visits as I can so I can make my decision early.

"I want to make a decision before next season so I can get everything out of the way. That way I can just focus on school and prepare myself for spring camp at the next level. I'll be graduating mid-December this year. I'm going to have a busy summer and I'm already seeing how it's going to be since these last few weeks. It's a lot of traveling and I'm looking forward to it. If I'm able to do it and everything is good with it, then I'm going."

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