Robertson Daniel getting new look

BYU and Texas Tech were the first two universities to reach out to Robertson Daniel. Now, a third college is showing interest in the safety from De Anza College in Cupertino, California.

Junior college first-team all-league and all-region safety Robertson Daniel had contact this week with a new football program.

"A UTEP coach was out here in California and he came by and talked with me, so I spoke to their DB coach yesterday and they seemed really interested in me," he said. "They said they were going to decide between two DBs and that they saw my film and were interested."

Meanwhile, he hasn't spoken with BYU or Texas Tech since the last time he talked with Total Blue Sports.

"I'm pretty sure the situation with them is the same as it was before," Daniel said. "I spoke to them over the phone around four times and they just talked to me about their policies and what they expect from their players. BYU talked to me about the kind of football they play there and type of coaching they have there. They talked to me about how the environment is around there at their school and stuff like that."

Daniel does expect to be in contact with a BYU coach soon, however.

"I should be talking to BYU, I think, within the next couple of weeks," he said. "My coach from De Anza told me that they were going to be down here. They want to come out and talk to me and I'm looking forward to that."

As of right now, Robinson doesn't have any offers on the table. However, he expects that to change.

"I think those things will happen over the summer, but there have been no plans so far to have me come out to those colleges," said Daniel. "Right now it's more just the learning phase with BYU, Texas Tech and now UTEP."

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