Being a part of an unstoppable group

BYU's tight end tradition is among some of the most storied among all of college football: from Clay Brown to Gordon Hudson, Chad Lewis to Dennis Pitta, and so on. But what could BYU's future at tight end look like? With the possible inclusion of Alta's Harrison Handley, it could be very tall.

Alta High School tight end Harrison Handley is currently hearing from different Division I football programs.

"I'm just getting a whole bunch of letters from them and keeping in contact and looking into what school would be best for me," he said.

While he only has two offers at the moment, Handley is also in contact with other schools.

"Yeah, BYU and Utah State are the only two that have offered me so far," he said. "Utah is showing a lot of interest and so is Colorado, Stanford, Oregon and Oregon State."

He isn't sure which school might be the next to extend him an offer, though he has a guess.

"If I was to guess I would say Utah, but I'm not trying to say anything. I just need to work hard and see what my best options would be."

From 1986-88, Handley's father played tight end at BYU.

"He thinks it's awesome that I got offered by BYU and talks about it too. He's pumped about it and is also pumped about the Utah State offer too, but he's going to let it be my decision and is really supportive. He knows what I'm going through and is a lot of help to me."

Darren Handley is among the top 10 BYU tight ends in total receiving yards. Coming in at eighth, he had 1,244 career receiving yards at BYU. As former Cougar, the Handley father has told his son and about the days when he suited up in Cougar blue.

"He's been doing that his whole life," said the younger Handley. "He tells me about all the fun times he's had down at BYU with his friends, and talks about all the cool coaches he had and the great history of BYU. It's been awesome having him and I'm sure he'll play into the factor of where I choose to play."

Handley has thought about possibly continuing the family tradition of playing tight end at BYU.

"I think it would be awesome to go down there and follow in his footsteps, but I just want to look into all the schools and take a look at the coaching staff to see what's best for me. I would love to play for all the coaches down there at BYU. They're great coaches and I love them all."

Coming in at about 6 feet 6 inches and 210 pounds, The future crop of BYU's tight ends could be one tall order. If the 6-foot-6-inch, 210-pound Handley does commit to BYU, he would join a group comprised of 6-foot-7-inch, 234-pound Colby Jorgensen and 6-foot-8-inch, 210-pound Matt Sumsion.

"With me coming in at 6'6" playing with those guys, that's an awesome lineup!" Handley said. "That's an awesome lineup and you can't stop that. I think it would be sick to play with all of those guys, knowing that we would be such a huge threat.

"It's just crazy to think we'd be getting the ball a lot over little DBs trying to defend us. We'd be kicking butt the whole game. I'd be scared out of my mind trying to defend that. It would be crazy because you would have to plan so far ahead and it would be so difficult to defend. It would be crazy."

Yes, it would. But BYU will have to wait a while before they find out if that hypothetical scenario becomes a reality. Handley plans on making some visits before any commitment is made.

"I'm actually going to Utah State's Junior Day on Saturday," said Handley. "Then I have a whole bunch of camps planned for this summer. I'm going to BYU, Utah, Utah States, Boise State and I might be going to Colorado's. I just have to see and just are planning on all those right now and any others that might pop up."

As for BYU, Handley had very positive things to say.

"Oh yeah, BYU is doing a great job of recruiting me," Handley said. "Coach Doman is doing an awesome job and he always comes and talks to me whenever he can. I really like Coach Doman and we have a great relationship."

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