Hall, Mugleston, Ashworth & Hafoka impress at camp

Highly recruited Arizona quarterback <b>Max Hall</b> is not your typical high school prospect. Unlike a lot of coveted football recruits that enjoy the recruiting game (all expense-paid official trips, getting wined, dined and fawned over, and non-stop attention until decision day as late as next February), Hall plans to decide on his college choice by the the end of summer.

How viable of an option is BYU for the most highly-touted quarterback in the state of Arizona this year?

"I've really enjoyed myself here at BYU this week. I like the coaches. I like the campus. I really like the facilities that are going up as well."

What separates Hall from the other highly-touted quarterbacks camping in Provo this week is his technique.

It is apparent watching Hall that he has been well schooled. His drop back is sharp, holding the ball in a way that allows him to release the ball from an optimal position. His technique permits him the necessary velocity upon release which looks effortless and is very accurate.

Hall was often seen threading the needle between defenders getting the ball to his intended targets today. Simply put, Hall gets the ball where and when it needs to be as well as any top quarterback at BYU's camp this week.

"I've been fortunate to learn from a really good coach. I've worked hard on my technique and hopefully it pays off."

In addition, he is the nephew of Arizona State Hall of Fame and Dallas Cowboys quarterback great Danny White.

One of Hall's main goals this week was to get to know the BYU coaches better, particularly head coach Gary Crowton. "I've been able to talk with him quite a bit today and he seems like a really great guy. He's a good guy and a great coach. He'd be fun to play for."

BYU's chief competition for Hall's services appears to be Arizona State, who offered him this week. Hall readily admits he grew up an ASU fan and has always harbored thoughts of playing for the Sun Devils while growing up.

"They're right in my backyard, so yeah, I really like Arizona State."

Attending camp with Hall this week are three of his wide receivers from Mountain View High School in Mesa -- Drew Mugleston, Brendon McGowan and Spencer Perkinson. Hall said the opportunity of playing with any of them at the next level might be a factor in whom he chooses to sign with.

"That would be awesome if we could. Seriously, I'd love that. I mean, we're all really tight and good friends. It won't be a big factor, but signing with the same team that one of my teammates signs with could effect my decision."

Mugleston, in particular, has turned a lot of heads this week at camp. Most everyone, including current BYU players, inquired about him because of his impressive play. He came to camp primarily as a wide receiver recruit, but has made a bigger impression with his skills as a defensive back. Mugleston breaks on the ball very well and has good instincts, resulting in four interceptions during yesterday's scrimmages.

Hall has definite mission plans and mentions if he has to choose between playing for the team he wants and serving a mission that he'll definitely opt for a mission.

"Max is dead set on serving a mission. It's always been a goal of his," his father said.

Hall plans to leave tommorow for Washington State's camp, visit the campus and then attend San Diego State's camp July 8-10.

"Then I'm done. I'll have done everything I need to do that I feel is necessary in making my decision. I'll probably make that decision around August. I've visited Arizona State's campus and I've spent an entire week here at BYU."

When asked if he's leaning toward any particular school, Hall said "No, I wouldn't say I'm leaning toward any particular school right now. BYU definitely has a real good chance, but I haven't decided yet."


- Several wide receiver recruits also turning heads include Timpview High's Luke Ashworth and Kahuku High's Spencer Hafoka.

Ashworth is a burner. On one play during a scrimmage, he broke free on a fly pattern, leaving his defender 10 yards behind. The ball was a bit overthrown and Ashworth put on the after-burners to catch up with it.

Catching up with it would have led Ashworth into a no-win collision at full speed into the largest tree on the practice field. The entire sideline cringed and some even looked away at the prospect of a brutal impact.

It never happened as Ashworth effortlessly caught the ball, put on the brakes inches from the tree and ran back to the huddle as if nothing happened. All in attendence stood in unbelief. Ashworth demonstrated exceptional speed, incredible agility in stopping on a dime and uncanny awareness of where he is on the field all in one play. Needless to say, everyone was impressed.

Mugleston has made most opposing wide receiver prospects look bad during this week, but not against Kahuku's Hafoka, who matched up well against Mugleston almost exclusively in the final league game played today.

Hafoka showed great hands, great speed (he was timed at 4.50 in the forty this week) and good mobility, catching a good share of balls going against the guy generally regarded as the top DB in camp.

Hafoka and Ashworth will only be juniors this season.

-Look for BYU to receive as many as three verbal commitments after this week's camp. Sources also say BYU will soon offer two more quarterbacks as early as next week.

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