Four-star receiver plans on visiting BYU

The Cougar coaching staff is looking for the next Ross Apo and have set their sights on one of the best in the country. The nation's 26th rated receiver will make a visit to BYU this summer with the expectation that he'll receive a scholarship offer.

BYU had at one time recruited Christian Owusu, a three-star prospect that was offered by BYU, Mississippi, Vanderbilt, Virginia, Washington and Stanford. He ended up at Stanford and signed with the 49ers in this year's draft.

BYU is now recruiting his brother Francis, a wide receiver for Oaks Christian High School in Southern California.

"[Christian] loved it up at Stanford and is about to graduate soon, so he's really excited about that and will be playing for the 49ers," said the younger Owusu brother. "He's definitely really happy."

As for himself, the Oaks Christian receiver has been rated as a bigger recruit than his older brother was.

"I have around 14 full offers or so right now, and it's been crazy," said Owusu. "I mean, I just have coaches talking to me and I'm really excited about that, the fact that I can just go through this process like my older brother. I'm just hoping that I can do whatever he did and maybe go a little farther."

The 14 schools to have offered him are Stanford, UCLA, Wisconsin, Florida, Arizona, Arizona State, Washington, Washington State, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Oregon State, San Diego State, Vanderbilt and Tennessee.

With his older brother having played at Stanford, one could naturally surmise that the Cardinals are in the lead for Owusu's services.

"My brother talked to me about Stanford and said, ‘Don't go to Stanford just because I went there,'" said Owusu. "He said, ‘Go there because that's where your heart is.'"

So, he's approaching the recruiting process by putting all schools on a level playing field. Owusu said he doesn't have any favorites right now.

"I'm not exactly sure of where I'm going to end up. I'm just letting everything find its place to see where everything ends up."

Recently, BYU assistant coach Nick Howell visited Oaks Christian High School. Although BYU has yet to offer Owusu, he was happy for the contact he had with the Cougar staff.

"Yeah, they came by recently to say hello, and I was really happy they came over here to see me," Owusu said. "I've been in contact with them and have called them to talk with them.

"They said they're really set on me and that they want me to come up there. I'm definitely going to try and make that drive."

With so many scholarship offers on the table from some rather prestigious colleges, why would Owusu be happy about BYU contacting him and wanting him to come up for a visit? There's more than one answer to that question.

"First of all, I have two former teammates that played here [at Oaks Christian High School] two or three years ago that have gone to BYU," Owusu said, referring to linebackers Alani Fua and Zac Stout. "They've said nothing but great things about BYU, and they're doing great things over there as men of faith.

In fact, Owusu got to speak with Fua in person recently.

"Alani came to speak at our school and I got a chance to talk to him right after to see how things were going. He said that BYU has definitely been the best choice he's made. That's definitely something that impacted me, just knowing someone that you're close to has gone through an experience that you're about to face."

Another reason that Owusu is interested in BYU is because of the school's culture and environment.

"It's an attractive aspect of BYU, knowing that there are people there who are just like you and have gone through the same things as you," Owusu said. "Knowing that we all believe in God is something that I'm really attracted to.

"I'm a strong believer in faith. I'm a strong believer in faith and pray to God first in everything. That's definitely one thing that sticks out to me about BYU that no other school can offer, so just that and they perform at a high level in football. I have a dream of going into the NFL."

The Owusu family has ties to the LDS faith, even though they are not members.

"We grew up in an LDS church," Owusu said. "We're not Mormon but we grew up in a LDS church."

Although Owusu already has a long list of offers from which to choose from, he is hoping that BYU offers him.

"I'm definitely hoping that any school that has interest in me shows an offer because I feel it's important that I get to see their campus and stuff," he said. "Just knowing that they're interested in me is really important. [BYU] said all that I have to do is just go out to their campus, and they said that once I go out there and see everything, they'll offer,"

Owusu wants to visit BYU this summer.

"Yeah, I'm definitely going to try and make it out there," Owusu said. "I'm not sure when but I'm definitely going to call the coaches back and talk about it."

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