Dallas Reynolds Chat Transcript

Former BYU Cougar and current Philadelphia Eagles offensive lineman Dallas Reynolds was a featured guest in the Total Blue Sports chat room on Sunday night. Here is a chat transcript for those subscribers who weren't able to join.

[TaloSteves] Hey Dallas, really quickly... are you in Philly"

[Dallas Reynolds] Yes

[TaloSteves] Congrats on signing in Jan. :)

[DallasReynolds] haha Thanks, appreciate it.

[TaloSteves] First Question:

[TaloSteves] How would you assess the current strength and conditioning of the offensive linemen, and what would you recommend if you were wanting to improve the fitness level of the offensive line?

[DallasReynolds] At BYU?

[TaloSteves] yeah

[DallasReynolds] I think they have done a good job in that area. I had a chance last summer because of the lock out with the NFL to actually work out with the o and d line. They worked hard! From what I've seen thus far I think they are in great shape. Injured guys need some time to get to where they need to be.

[TaloSteves] Is is comparable to what you're experiencing in the NFL?

[DallasReynolds] Ya, you know each place is different. My first year here in Philly we did alot of things different. We have had a new Strength coach for the past couple years and he is awesome. BYU does a lot of things similar to what I'm doing now.

[TaloSteves] Next Question:

[TaloSteves] Do you think the offensive line under performed last year? If so, to what would you attribute the struggles? Some tough questions here Dallas, hope you don't mind. :)

[DallasReynolds] I don't think they necessarily under performed. I think they had some things to overcome. They had some injuries, and a new offensive coordinator. Those are hard things to deal with and it takes time. I think towards the end of the season you could see things start to improve.

[TaloSteves] That was going to be my follow question...

[TaloSteves] I often wondered if the offense change a bit under Doman leaving the offensive line sort of in flux. The offensive line had to sort of readjust to what Doman wanted to do in comparison to what they had been doing previously so to speak.

[DallasReynolds] Even though Doman was hired within there can be a lot of things that change. I don't know every aspect. But ya I think when you have a group of 5 guys that need to play well, and communicate with each other and you have been doing it one way for so long and it changes, you need time to adjust.

[TaloSteves] Okay Dallas, this next question is for you. :)

[DallasReynolds] oh no

[TaloSteves] How much harder was it for you to run block out of a 2 point stance?

[DallasReynolds] A lot harder. haha.

[DallasReynolds] A big thing in run blocking is leverage. When blocking from a 2 pt. stance you are already at a disadvantage. When in a 3 pt. stance I'm starting lower and in a better position to fire off the ball on the defensive player.

[TaloSteves] Okay next question for you Dallas:

[TaloSteves] So if you were coach, what would you do to handle a guy like Utah's Star Lotulelei? That guy is a beast over at Utah and was recently picked as a possible number one NFL draft. It's too bad he couldn't make it to the school (BYU) he first committed to out of high school lol.

[DallasReynolds] Ya that's too bad. I wish he would have made it.

[DallasReynolds] He's a great player first of all. But there are things to do to attack him. There are certain pass protection plays that you can put your o line in a position to have a double team on the guy, that always helps. In run blocking there are as well certain plays that you can put a double team on him and try and pound and wear him down.

[DallasReynolds] There are some gameplan things that you can do.

[TaloSteves] Sounds like you're making a case for your father's job Dallas. :)

[DallasReynolds] haha

[TaloSteves] Okay, here's the next fan question for you:

[TaloSteves] What's your favorite kind of run play?

[DallasReynolds] double wing right 95 weak kill 2 jet all go special... haha

[TaloSteves] I think we'll need a translation lol

[DallasReynolds] I like the weak side run with a lead blocker

[TaloSteves] Why is that? Is there an isolation going on there?

[DallasReynolds] It puts the o line in good position on the defenders. The fullback leads through the hole on the 1st linebacker and the running back usually only has to beat the safety to hit it big.

[TaloSteves] Nice.

[TaloSteves] That much have been fun blocking for Fui and Unga back in the days.

[DallasReynolds] Ya they were fun to block for.

[TaloSteves] Next question for you:

[TaloSteves] What's your opinion on a zone blocking scheme? Would BYU benefit by doing that more?

[DallasReynolds] I like it. In my opinion it's good to mix it up. When you have a good mix it makes it really hard on the defense.

[TaloSteves] That sounds interesting. Sort of keeps the d-line guessing.

[DallasReynolds] ya

[TaloSteves] Here's the next question for you: Was it any different blocking for Curtis Brown compared to Harvey Unga, and if so, how?

[DallasReynolds] haha thats a good question

[DallasReynolds] to be honest who ever is running behind me doesnt change what I have to do up front. we try to take our guy to the ground every play.

[DallasReynolds] if we do our job right it doesn't matter who is running the ball

[DallasReynolds] I should have been playing some running back haha

[DallasReynolds] ive been working on my skills on xbox

[TaloSteves] lol

[TaloSteves] The next question is a quarterbacks question for you.

[TaloSteves] Coach DuPaix better watch out!

[DallasReynolds] thats right

[TaloSteves] Was it any different blocking for Max Hall compared to John Beck, and if so, how?

[DallasReynolds] Really it's the same. I think as you play for a certain qb for a period of time you get to know what to expect. Every dude is different.

[TaloSteves] Do you still keep in touch with those guys? For example, say, after you play a game against them do you talk to them on the field?

[DallasReynolds] i do. I haven't talked to John since the season. I saw max at the BYU pro day

[TaloSteves] Yeah, he comes around and that's a good thing

[DallasReynolds] It's always good to see old teammates and catch up

[TaloSteves] Band of Brothers, right?

[DallasReynolds] haha right

[TaloSteves] Okay, we're going to move and talk some NFL Eagles... :) You ready?

[DallasReynolds] ya hit me

[TaloSteves] Next question, and it's more like three questions in one.... lol

[TaloSteves] Do you get any special treatment from Andy being LDS & from BYU, does he still follow the Cougar program and how is his family doing?

[DallasReynolds] I wish I got special treatment. haha. He does follow the program. usually we will have a quick talk about the game after a team meeting. His family is doing great. Daughter serving a mission a son playing football at Temple so they are great.

[TaloSteves] Okay, one more question and then we'll open it up for the fans.

[TaloSteves] Do you feel like coach Reid would be interested in BYU's head football coaching position should it become available?

[DallasReynolds] Can BYU pay like the NFL does? haha

[TaloSteves] LOL

[DallasReynolds] I don't know, good question

[DallasReynolds] I think he will be here for a while.

[TaloSteves] You think so? He's a fan favorite over there.

[DallasReynolds] ya he is a great coach. players love the guy

[TaloSteves] And that's not an easy thing to be in Philly lol.

[DallasReynolds] fans are a little crazy out here.

[DallasReynolds] they throw snow balls at santa out here

[TaloSteves] They do?

[DallasReynolds] oh ya

[DallasReynolds] great fans. love em

[TaloSteves] Man, I bet you must have been nervous in that first game against the Patriots with that being that case. I believe it was the Patriots?

[DallasReynolds] haha. Ya I was. it was crazy looking up at the jumbo tron and seeing me in an Eagles jersey playing against the Patriots. crazy

[TaloSteves] Okay, we'll open it up to the fans. If anyone wants to chat with Dallas, go ahead. :)

[Cougar] Dallas, who is toughest BYU d-lineman you have gone against? [TaloSteves] I bet I know...Manaia Brown?

[DallasReynolds] this is going back a little bit but mania brown and vince fauela were pretty good

[DallasReynolds] you hit it talo

[woot11] What do you think of byu and independence?

[TaloSteves] Good question woot11

[DallasReynolds] more exposure that i think will help us get some better recruits. we just got to win ball games and keep our name at the top of dominate schools

[TaloSteves] Do you think BYU would do well in the Big 12?

[DallasReynolds] Ya I think so. It would add consistency and confidence to the program, in my opinion.

[Cougar] Which Reynolds bro. is best and how would he stack up against dad in his prime?

[DallasReynolds] haha cougar good question.

[DallasReynolds] If you were to ask my pops he would say that he would whoop us all. we should have a little scrimmage and you guys can decide

[CatNDawg] Dallas, who is most likely to play RT next year in your opinion?

[DallasReynolds]: If Braden Brown can't go that will be a spot that will have to be battled out during fall camp.

[TaloSteves] Gotta love your pops Dallas.

[DallasReynolds] he's awesome

[TaloSteves] He's doing a great job over there with the tight ends.

[DallasReynolds] thanks. he is really loving it

[TaloSteves] I was watching him coach the tight ends...and he walks over to me... and says, "Man, I wish I had your job of bending grass all day!"

[DallasReynolds] haha

[DallasReynolds] ya that sounds like a pops joke

[TaloSteves] I laughed and said, "Well, you would get bored because I'm not as good of a coach as you are." He laughed, got into the cart and drove off.

[DallasReynolds] haha.

[TaloSteves] Love Lance!

[TaloSteves] He's one of the good guys

[TaloSteves] He's also doing a great job of recruiting Siale Fakailoatonga as well.

[Cougar] Thanks to your family, they have been a solid foundation for the Y.

[DallasReynolds] cougar it's been awesome to be able to play college ball next to my brothers and with my pops there. we appreciate everyones support of our family.

[GEdwardMcGrath] I've been watching the Reynolds at BYU since the early 70's

[DallasReynolds] haha. wow that is awesome

[TaloSteves] true fan right there

[GEdwardMcGrath] Yeah... I know... I'm old.

[TaloSteves] The quesiton is, will one of the Reynolds boys return to BYU and coach once pops retires? :)

[DallasReynolds] it's in our blood i guess, so you never know!

[GEdwardMcGrath] I started watching during Virgil Carter's days when I started at BYU.

[Cougar] Me too McGrath, 1971 after a mission

[GEdwardMcGrath] I was 1966. Before my mission to Brazil.

[DallasReynolds] wow. i love that you have been so dedicated

[TaloSteves] Man, what a ride you've been on watching the actual history of BYU over the years.

[CMuehle] with a guy like nelson at qb, will the oline have special drills/assignments to provide longer protection and/or downfield blocking assignements if/when he releases?

[TaloSteves] Good question Casey.

[DallasReynolds] the o line has got to hold their blocks as long as they can with him throwing the ball. You have to go to the whistle. which can be hard to do.

[CMuehle] they have to be a little more alert with nelson, i assume

[DallasReynolds] you have to train your guys to cover down field when he releases to try and protect him and block for him

[BYURider] do you think any BYU O-linemen will get drafted next year?

[DallasReynolds] byurider i hope so. i feel bad that byu hasn't had anyone drafted the past couple years. i think i'm right on that one.

[GEdwardMcGrath] What's BYU doing to keep the helmets from popping off? That will be a rule change next year. We don't want players sitting out a play on the sideline.

[DallasReynolds] i think in general the players aren't strapping their helmets on tight enough. I had one year that mine popped off alot. I tightened it down and i solved the problem myself. but ya the new rules could end up hurting you if you don't change something

[TaloSteves] What do you think of Doman's offensive changes, Dallas? I really like the hurry up nature of the offense mixed with the west coast style of play.

[DallasReynolds] I do too. when it's done right it can really get things going

[GEdwardMcGrath] What do you think of the new kickoff rule changes?

[DallasReynolds] I'm not aware of them yet what are they

[GEdwardMcGrath] I believe they are kicking from 5 yards closer to try to prevent so many kickoff return injuries.

[DallasReynolds] ok they did that in the NFL last year and i guess it lowered alot of injuries from previous years.

[DallasReynolds] good that injuries are reduced but can take away from the excitment of the game Also proposed was touchbacks to the 25 instead of the 20.

[DallasReynolds] I don't know about that one. I think the 20 is just fine

[TaloSteves] Well Dallas, let us know if you need head out. I know it's a little after 10:00 over there in Philly, and we really appreciate you coming in and spending some time with us.

[DallasReynolds] Talo thanks for having me come in. I'm happy to answer any more questions if there are any

[TaloSteves] Sure thing brother.

[CMuehle] thanks for answering the questions

[TaloSteves] I just wanted to let you know so we didn't keep you longer than expected. :)

[DallasReynolds] no problem hope to do it again sometime

[Cougar] Thanks Dallas, just win baby, Philly and BYU

[DallasReynolds] haha

[CMuehle] please do, this was great

[TaloSteves] We'll be having Daniel Coats in next Sunday.

[DallasReynolds] good tell him i said hi

[TaloSteves] Dallas, if you want to come in and join in on the fun... be my guest. :)

[DallasReynolds] i will you will have to let me know of good times to jump on

[GEdwardMcGrath] Thanks, Dallas

[woot11] Thanks, Dallas

[jeddparkinson] Thanks Dallas - great job!

[CMuehle] great

[WakeboardinFool] thanks!

[DallasReynolds] thanks everyone really appreciate your support

[TaloSteves] I think it might be an hour later, but you'll have access to the site now so you can just pop in anytime you like.

[DallasReynolds] k

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