A decision has been made

His mind is made up. Lone Peak High School wide receiver Talon Shumway has made a decision on where he'll commit to. However, BYU, Utah State and Utah fans will have to wait until next week to know which of the three he'll choose.

There was a time when Lone Peak wide receiver and basketball player Talon Shumway wasn't sure what school he was going to commit to or even what sport he wanted to play. That is now in the past, and Shumway has made up his mind in both cases.

"I've got a commitment in a week. I'm not going to tell anybody yet, but I'll make sure to call you the day of to let you know," Shumway told Total Blue Sports. "I have offers from BYU, Utah and Utah State. I will tell you this much, I'm staying in-state."

So he'll be playing basketball then at the next level?

"No, I've made up my mind that it's going to be football," Shumway said with a slight giggle in his voice. "As things progress, things get sorted out and you kind of know more what you want, and where I've decided to go fits me best."

So what if I casually tap the Force and use my Jedi mind tricks on him to find more clues that could reveal his hidden secret? What would Shumway think about that?

"You would be trying pretty hard," said Shumway with a laugh.

Well, maybe so. But there is sort of a risk here. The buildup to his announcement could leave some fans within the state of Utah a little disappointed upon hearing he chose a different school.

"Well, I guess that's going to happen for some people anyways," he said. "That's going to happen no matter what, but I can't do anything about that."

So, would a publisher that covers athletics of a specific school want to put the affiliated fan base through such a rollercoaster ride and possible letdown?

"No, I wouldn't want to do that," said a laughing Shumway.

Wait! Did my Jedi mind tricks just get him to reveal more of his secret on which school he plans to commit to?

"Well you caught that," he said while again laughing. "But, no, I didn't give anything away."

Seems like I need to work more on my mind tricks.

"Well, maybe I should just stay silent," Shumway said with a chuckle.

Ah ha! They are working and I am getting closer to discovering his secret. Well maybe not, but there is one coach from the college he intends to sign with that already knows. How did Shumway come to his final conclusion?

"In every aspect of trying to find out my answer, it turned out the right way," Shumway said. "Part of it was through prayer and that was the bigger part really. Really what it came down to was choice. I put a lot of thought to it and found the answers that I needed. I know that I'm going to a place that fits me the best."

However, his enrollment at the college of his choice will have to wait a while.

"Yeah, I'll be serving a mission and will leave right after high school," Shumway said. "No one had a problem with me serving my mission that recruited me. They were okay with me taking two years off and coming back being a 21-year-old freshman."

Next week BYU, Utah State and Utah fans will finally know with which school Shumway is committing to.

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