Zwahlen might have more offers soon

Thomas Downey High School's Aaron Zwahlen already has one offer from Norm Chow of the University of Hawaii. Over this past week, other college recruiters paid him a visit, and there is a chance that Zwahlen could receive more offers in the near future.

As a 6-foot-3-inch, 195-pound junior quarterback, Aaron Zwahlen did very well for Thomas Downey High School in Modesto, California.

"I had 2,900 yards passing," Zwahlen said. "I had around 29 touchdowns and around five interceptions. I'm already making goals for next season. I have the respect from my teammates and I want to show the way and lead by example."

Newly hired University of Hawaii head coach Norm Chow was apparently impressed, having offered Zwahlen a scholarship.

"Hawaii is a great place and I really like the coaches up there," Zwahlen said. "They have a lot of LDS coaches up there and I think they make up a majority of the staff. So they're fine with me serving a mission and all that stuff.

"With Hawaii being my first offer is great, because they're willing to put their program on the line for me and give me an opportunity and that's what football is all about. I think it's opened up my options a lot, getting that first offer from Hawaii."

Getting that first offer was a big moment for Zwahlen.

"Yeah, that's a huge step for me, and me and my dad were talking about that the other day," he said. "If no one else offers me, I'll be totally happy with Hawaii. If more offers come in, the more options I'll have.

"I'm kind of like a kid in the candy store. If I get one chocolate, I'm still going to be super happy. If there are different options from which candy you get to choose from the small differences … you're also happy about that as well."

While Hawaii is the only school to have offered him so far, others are taking notice.

"The other school that is showing the next highest interest in me is Texas Tech," Zwahlen said. "They came down and watched me throw, and Coach Cumbie and Coach Neal Brown are coming back next week to watch me throw and practice at a seven-on-seven tournament. Coach Cumbie spoke to Coach Brown – the offensive coordinator – about me, both the good and bad."

Other schools plan on checking Zwahlen out in person.

"Duke is coming down next Monday to see me," Zwahlen said. "San Diego State is coming down and Northwestern is also coming down to watch me practice as well. I think the biggest thing for me is having an offer because it's kind of a checkpoint for me.

"Now it's kind of, ‘Don't worry so much about that as much and just enjoy your final year of high school.' As cliché as it sounds, yeah, I'm interested in seeing where I end up but I really just want to focus on my high school team."

Meanwhile, BYU is also showing interest in Zwahlen.

"Coach Cahoon came down [Thursday] and watched me throw a little bit," Zwahlen said. "This was the first time he had been down to see me throw, and he said he was impressed with me."

Zwahlen had actually met Cahoon previously at a BYU camp last year.

"He's a great guy and a really good coach. When I was down there I got quarterback MVP for the junior class."

Zwahlen is working towards earning a BYU offer.

"Coach Cahoon said that whether I get offered or not by BYU will ultimately come down to Coach Doman," Zwahlen said. "At the camp in June will be the deciding factor I think. I need to do well and show them what I can do."

Zwahlen will be attending other camps as well.

"Yeah, I'll be going to the Utah camp on the first day of their camp, but then after that I'll be heading down to BYU for their camp," he said. "I'll be heading down there for the next day. I won't be going to the June 13th camp, but I will be going to their summer camp."

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