Shumway commits to BYU

As reported last week, Talon Shumway made a decision on which school he was going to commit to, but the announcement of where he would play at would have to wait until the following week. Well, on Monday, Shumway let Coach Mendenhall and the Cougar staff know that he will be joining their program over in-state colleges Utah and Utah State.

The winner in the Talon Shumway sweepstakes goes to BYU. The Cougar staff received a commitment on Monday from the Lone Peak High School star and top in-state wide receiver prospect.

"I plan on calling BYU today and talking to Coach Mendenhall to let him know that I'm committing to BYU," Shumway said earlier on Monday. "I'm really excited about it and I've made my decision."

However, there was already one coach out there that knew what school Shumway was going to attend. So, who was that coach?

"It was Coach Doman," said Shumway with a laugh in his voice. "It actually kind of slipped out a little bit when I was talking to him. I just thought, ‘Well, it didn't matter now,' and so we kind of talked about it a little bit."

Shumway was originally considering committing to BYU on Sunday.

"I was going to call Coach Cahoon yesterday, but I didn't want to interrupt his Mother's Day," Shumway said. "He's also one of the reasons why I want to go to BYU. I'm pretty dang certain that I'm going to play receiver, and I think he's the greatest receiving coach on the planet. I'm excited to learn from him and play from him.

"The way I look at it is Cahoon can help me become an expert at playing wide receiver, and then Coach Doman can then use me as that receiver within his offense. Then I want to play for Coach Mendenhall because of the type of man he is and the program that he's established. I've put a lot of time and effort into thinking about all of this through the recruiting process and I think this is what's best for me."

During the recruiting process, most felt the race came down to BYU and Utah. However, that wasn't the case. The real battle for Shumway was actually between BYU and Utah State.

"Utah State jumped into things really late," said Shumway. "I had already been looking at BYU and Utah, but I really did like Utah State and they were my second choice. Coach Anderson called me and I really liked him a lot. He's a really good guy and I think Utah State is going to become a really good program."

To state that Utah never had a chance with Shumway, however, wouldn't be accurate.

"When Utah first offered me I thought, ‘Yeah, I could really end up going there,'" Shumway said. "The longer it went, the less I felt like that was the right place for me. I don't know, it was just weird."

In fact, when BYU offered Shumway, he entertained the idea of becoming a Cougar less than he did with Utah for personal reasons. As time wore on, that sentiment slowly changed and BYU rose to the forefront.

"I had developed a great relationship with Coach Mendenhall, and developing a relationship with the head coach was one of the more important things for me," he said. "I could go and talk to him and he would know what it was that we talked about before.

"He would just pick right back up from where we left off from before. Even the little things that I would mention he would bring up from before, and he would send me letters written by him, and whenever I was around he would come talk to me. I just really love Coach Mendenhall and all the coaches at BYU. All the players that are there, even though they're older and have been successful college players, have all been welcoming to me. I just love it at BYU and I love what they're doing there. In the end it was BYU first, Utah State second and then Utah third."

To help sift through his choices and make a final decision, Shumway turned to prayer.

"Pretty much the answer that I got from prayer was that it was my choice, but that I had to take into account how the decision would help me become an overall better person," Shumway said. "I felt like I had to take into consideration what college would help me reach my goals and provide me with all the things I needed to have in order for me to accomplish my personal goals in life. BYU was the obvious answer and I think it's a real blessing to go there. The education there is topnotch and the school provides a healthy environment.

"I'm really excited to go there. Every single thing about BYU is right, and there is no aspect about BYU that makes me not want to go there. My decision was based on more than just football and more on the value of what my scholarship provides. The question that you have to kind of ask yourself is, ‘What if I get hurt and can't play football anymore? What place would I be the happiest at?' I mean, even guys that don't want to go to BYU, they love the feeling there at BYU."

With BYU being independent, Shumway had specific questions for Coach Mendenhall concerning upcoming schedules.

"One of my questions of concern that I asked Coach Mendenhall was, ‘Who are we going to be playing in the future?'" said Shumway. "I told him that I wanted to play against the best. He told me about the teams they're going to be playing for the next 10 years. He went down a list of all the big-time teams BYU is going to be playing, and that schedule is going to keep improving. Teams want to play BYU because they want more team coverage nationwide."

For Shumway, the Pac-12 wasn't as big of a draw as most might think.

"The Pac-12 thing, I didn't really care much about from day one," said Shumway. "A specific conference isn't going to automatically give you a better quality of education, or influence you to become a great father or better person. I don't think years down the road, people who become successful in life feel it was because of the conference they played in, even if you look at just the football aspect of college. If you're good enough to get to the next level, it doesn't matter where you go. If you watched the NFL draft, guys were coming out all over the place."

Shumway's soulful decision to commit to BYU was also based on what the school stands for.

"For me, I want to go to BYU because I feel like BYU can help me become the best I can be to help BYU become the best it can be," he said. "I think what BYU is trying to do is bring the spotlight to higher values and be that example to the world of living a better life. In order for people to take notice of those things, you have to get them to notice you through success. Once you're able to be successful, then the spotlight is on you more and that makes the goals of the school more noticeable.

"For me, I kind of feel like I'm called to serve and I'm happy to do it. That's kind of the big thing for me. I just felt like going to BYU was the right thing to do and it's what I want to do. I'm very open about my decision not being just a football decision. It's more of a spiritual decision and I know some people are going say things about that, but I don't care. I'll call up the coaches today and let them know that I'm committing to them to be a part of BYU."

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