Cougars evaluating big defensive tackle

Coach Kaufusi went down to Cerritos College in Norwalk, California to evaluate a defensive tackle that was once rated the 51st best among high school prospects. Now the Cougar coaches are taking a serious look at the freshman junior college defensive lineman.

It's been reported that Ma'ataua Brown is on pace to graduate this December. The big 6-foot-5-inch, 350-pound defensive lineman, who played both on the inside and outside of the Cerritos defensive line, will have three years to play two following the 2012 football season.

"I play defensive end for Cerritos Junior College," said Brown, whose family originally comes from Upolu, Samoa. "I had around 29 tackles, 50 tackles for a loss and two sacks."

Brown played for Paramount High School in California and originally signed with Washington in 2011. However, Brown found himself academically ineligible and had to go the junior college route.

Since then, a few Division I schools have come calling.

"I've talked to BYU and Western Michigan called me one time," Brown said. "They really want to get me out there and they want me to come up. They told me that they really want me to play for them if everything goes right."

Coach Kaufusi went down to Southern California to evaluate Brown.

"I was talking to Coach Kaufusi and he wants me to come out there soon," said Brown. "I'm not sure yet though when I'll be able to. I might have to do it after the season because I have school stuff to take care of, but Coach Kaufusi is a really good guy. I met him one day at practice while in the weight room. Then he came back two weeks later to my school to check us out."

Kaufusi and Brown talked about a possible scholarship offer.

"Yeah, we were talking about it but I don't know if they've fully offered me yet," said Brown. "I really don't know but and we were just talking it and about BYU and the Church."

Brown, who is LDS, likes what BYU has to offer.

"I think BYU is a good school and wouldn't mind going there," he said. "I wouldn't mind visiting but I might have to wait until after the year, but, yeah, BYU is a place I would like to go to. I wouldn't mind. Coach Kaufusi was saying how he could really use me out there and was excited to get me out there to play for them."

Brown is also considering serving a mission.

"I'm only 18 right now and I'm thinking about serving a mission," Brown said. "We'll see, and I'm thinking about it, but I'm not sure yet."

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