BYU Offers top Arizona quarterback

Coach Tidwell and the BYU coaching staff have concluded their extensive evaluation process of one particular quarterback from Arizona, and extended an offer to him.

Coming in at 6 feet 2 inches and 200 pounds, Brophy College Preparatory quarterback Tyler Bruggman recently received a scholarship offer from BYU. The Jesuit high school signal caller is definitely worth one, having completed 156 of 259 passes last season for 2,497 yards and 37 touchdowns.

"First off I'm competitor and love to compete and take it seriously," Bruggman said. "One of my strengths is my leadership and I love to have the ball in my hand and make decisions with it."

What is even more remarkable about Bruggman's performance last season is that he only threw two interceptions.

"I have a lot of good talent around me," said a humble Bruggman. "That always helps. But I'm more of a pocket passer, but if I need to keep the play alive I'm able to do that too."

Bruggman was recognized for the season he had last year.

"I was named first-team all-state and was the Phoenix player of the year," said Bruggman, who was also named the Arizona Republic player of the year. "I was also named the region's offensive player of the year."

Meanwhile, a number of colleges are competing for Bruggman's services.

"Well, I have offers from Arkansas, Michigan State, Arizona, Arizona State, Purdue, UCLA, Washington State, Iowa State, Indiana and Colorado State," Bruggman said. "I also have an offer from BYU, and they are the most recent."

With BYU being Bruggman's 11th offer, the staff has some catch-up work to do in building a relationship with the Arizona gunslinger.

"They just offered me this week, so I haven't built up too good of a relationship with them yet, but the coaches that I have spoken to seem like great people, humble and down to earth coaches," Bruggman said. "They really put an emphasis on character and recruit good young men. BYU is a school that is of interest to me."

Although BYU hasn't been pursuing Bruggman as long as those other schools have, that doesn't mean that he holds it against the Cougar program.

"With BYU offering later doesn't affect me much," Bruggman said. "I was able to visit some of the other schools that have offered me while I was on spring break. I'm definitely interested in BYU, and, like I said, I can tell the coaching staff seems like they are good, humble people. BYU is definitely a school of interest for me."

According to Bruggman, he would fit in well with BYU's environment.

"I don't party and I don't do any of that stuff," Bruggman said. "I spent most of my time studying and laying low really. I definitely feel that the expectations that BYU requires of their athletes is a positive aspect. When you go down there you know you're going to be around good people who do good things that won't influence you do to things you're not supposed to do.

"You won't be running with the wrong crowed because you're expected to always do what's right. I think that's a good thing because without those distractions it seems to me that everyone is going to be focused on a common goal and that's winning games. I think it's definitely a positive."

BYU assistant coach Paul Tidwell is the coach that recruited and offered Bruggman.

"He came by my school a couple of times," said Bruggman. "I met Coach Tidwell twice and he seems like a real humble guy and a great coach. It just seems like there are a lot of great people up there."

Once Bruggman received his scholarship offer from BYU, he then talked to quarterback coach and offensive coordinator Brandon Doman.

"I only spoke to Coach Doman once, but he seems like a really nice guy. Through his past and playing experience, it's clear that he knows a lot about developing quarterbacks and seems like a great person [after] just talking with him on the phone."

A pocket passer with many college options to choose from, Bruggman has looked to see which teams he would fit in best with scheme-wise.

"Oh yeah, I have taken a look at the offenses," Bruggman said. "That is something that I look at and feel is something that I can be successful at. I feel it's definitely something that I'll consider."

For a young man with still one more year of high school football left to play, Bruggman will have to eventually make one of the most important decisions of his young life. That decision will be which college to attend.

"I'm really going to have to just put it all down on paper and see what's most important to me for at a university and football program," Bruggman said. "I'll have to put the schools down on paper and kind of sort out what the pros and cons are with each option. Then sort through the list that best fits me."

There are a few things in particular that he will be looking for in a school.

"I want to look at the education of the college," he said. "I'm a pretty good student and so education is important to me, so that's something that I'll definitely look at.

"The other thing is the community and the atmosphere of the college. I want to see if it's a place where I could definitely see myself living there for the next four-to-five years. I want to see what the people are like there and what the coaching staff is like. I want to see how the players interact with one another and the type of guys they are and how they interact with the coaches. I also want to take a look at the style offense they run and how I would fit into that."

Although he hasn't visited BYU yet, Bruggman is hoping that he'll be able to do so.

"I don't have any plans yet but it's definitely something that I'm looking in to. I'm trying to see if we can work out a trip to get up there for a visit."

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