Five-sport athlete interested in BYU

A devout Christian from the state of Texas, Hagen Hutchinson is a hidden gem who happens to excel in five sports for Stamford High School. An all-district, all-state and all-region performer, Hutchinson is looking to take his talents to the next level and is looking for the right college to do it at.

Hagen Hutchinson is a 6-foot-2-inch, 180-pound quarterback and safety for Stamford High School, a district 4A, Division I football program located in West Texas.

"I threw for around 3,202 total yards this past season and scored 37 touchdowns," he said. "I also ran for 1,097 yards and scored 27 touchdowns."

That's approximately an amazing 4,300 yards of total offense and also 64 touchdowns scored by Hutchinson in one football season! During his junior and sophomore years, he threw for a combined 5,850 yards and 64 touchdowns, with only 12 interceptions.

Hutchinson won the prestigious Big Country Player of the Year award, which can be given to any player in any division in West Texas.

"It's an award for the best player that covers an area from Stamford down to the Stephenville, Brownwood, Texas area," he said. "It's a big area where the newspaper covers athletes."

As a junior, Hutchinson beat out 5A senior quarterback Clayton Nicholas of Cooper High School and Snyder High School athlete Keenon Ward. Both have signed with and will play college football for Texas Tech this year.

"I didn't play for most of the season on defense because I had an ankle injury and it limited my playing time for about five games," Hutchinson said. "I think I ended up with around 100 tackles on the season in about 10 games."

Football is just one of five sports Hutchinson excels at.

"I also run track and I'm on the sprint relay team and on the 800 relay team," he said. "We finished fourth in sprint but we actually won the gold in the 800 relay with a time of 128.7. I ran the 200 meters in state and didn't do as well this year, but my fastest time is a 22.36. I also ran the 100 meters this year and ran an 11.0 flat."

The junior Hutchinson's 11.0 100-meter time is as fast as BYU running back signee Jamaal Williams. As a senior, Williams ran a 100-meter time of 11.08.

"I'm going to run track again next year and hopefully I'll beat those times," Hutchinson said.

So he can play football and he's pretty fast in track, but when it comes to sports, Hutchinson isn't done yet.

"I also play baseball and I'm a first baseman and pitcher on my team," he said. "The last two years we made it to the state tournament and got beat in the semifinals."

And there's still more.

"Yeah, I also play basketball and average around 16 points per game with around eight rebounds," Hutchinson said. "I play forward on my team."

And last but not least?

"I play golf and that's probably my second-favorite sport," he said with a chuckle in his voice. "It's a sport I'm pretty good at. I would say I'm decent and play with a three or four handicap."

Hutchinson has been successful in a number of sports, but when it comes to the next level, he has his eye on one sport in particular.

"Oh yeah, I want to play some college football," Hutchinson said. "I'm looking at Texas Tech, TCU, Rice, Texas State has been looking at me a little bit, and Colorado State. They're just kind of checking me out right now and have come and visited me a couple of times."

In addition to being an accomplished athlete, Hutchinson is a devout Christian.

"I wouldn't be doing all this if it wasn't for all the talents that God has given me," said Hutchinson. "I wouldn't be doing all this and just want to give Him all the glory. If it wasn't for Him, none of these accomplishments would have been possible. It really means a lot to me."

BYU is also a school of interest because of it high moral values.

"I don't know too much about BYU, but I know they expect you to live right," Hutchinson said. "I think last year BYU called my dad, who is our coach out here at my high school, and asked if we could come visit at a camp, but I think it was too far away for us to do that. I do think a place like BYU would be a good fit though.

"I'm looking for a place that's interested in me and that's a good fit for me. I think I would enjoy playing for them and think it would be a good place to experience college life. I just know how important it is to be at a place where you can live your life right without having all those negative influences around you."

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