DE Mathew Black: One to Watch

Could a little-known 3A division player, <b>Mathew Black</b>, be one of the top defensive linemen in Utah this year? His head coach thinks so.

At 6-5 and 210-pounds, "his coach (Ray Hosner at Pine View High) said he is the best defensive player he's ever coached," said mother Julie Black.

As a varsity starter last year as a junior for his football team in St. George, Utah, Black's 11 sacks last season helps to strengthen his coach's confidence in him.

"I think I led our team (sacks), but I don't think I had as good a year as I think I could have. I could have done better."

In an interview with, Sam Lutui, a graduate assistant/offensive line coach at Southern Utah University, said coach Hosner told him that Black is the best he's ever coached on the defensive line.

"I agree with him. Matt is the best defensive player in that division and can go D-1."

With a quick first step allowing him to explode off the line of scrimmage, Black registered 11 hurries during last year's state finals.

"He has great explosion off the line of scrimmage and he has really good foot work. He's quick and would make a great tight end at the D-1 level," Lutui said, adding: "He's the best 3A player in the state of Utah. He's got the perfect build to be a really good tight end at the next level."

Black recently returned from a football camp with the following results and comments: "I went to the passing league at Utah, the "Yewt Shoot." Our team took first. We beat all the 4A and 5A teams there."

Black also attended a Utah State football camp, where his high school football team again participated in skeleton drills against other teams from Utah, Wyoming and Idaho.

"We did really well," said Black. "We beat up on a lot of good teams. There were teams from Wyoming and Idaho. I would say 70% of the teams there were from Idaho."

As a two sports standout, Black recently attended a basketball camp where he expects to use his 6-5 height and speed this year on the court.

Black has been contacted by various in-state schools and junior colleges.

"I like all the Utah schools. I'm from Phoenix, so I follow ASU a lot. I just talked to the SUU and Dixie's coach. I also spoke to one of the assistant coaches at the University of Utah with a last name of Meyers. They were checking on my weight and said if I could get my weight up, I would have D-1 potential."

Black said he is currently working out with a "bigger, stronger, faster program" to prepare himself for a Division 1 scholarship.

"That's my goal," concluded Black.

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