BYU offers junior college linebacker

College of San Mateo outside linebacker Sione Sina has 10 offers on the table. Nine of those offers are from Cal, Hawaii, Kansas, Maryland, Oregon State, Pittsburgh, Purdue, Texas Tech and Washington. Meanwhile, the other remaining offer comes from BYU.

San Mateo assistant coach Tim Tulloch had a lot of praise for linebacker Sione Sina.

"Yeah, he's a good one for us," said Coach Tulloch. "He's explosive and is a kid that has the second-highest vertical jump on our team. He has a 40-inch vertical and we've never seen a kid his size be that explosive as far as clean, vertical jump and weight room stuff. "

While a number of Division I programs have come calling, BYU was one of the first.

"Yeah BYU and Coach Howell and the staff really like his character and have gone through the whole evaluation process with him," said San Mateo assistant coach Tim Tulloch. "They were one of the first schools to offer him and talked about the honor code there. They went over all the expectations that BYU demands of their players. He's a kind where faith is extremely important to him, and I think he's in line with those type of morals and expectations."

San Mateo runs a 3-4 defense similar to what BYU runs. At 6 feet 4 inches and 250 pounds, Sina drew a very positive comparison from Coach Tulloch.

"He plays the Sam linebacker and is kind of a Tongan Shawne Merriman off the edge rushing the quarterback, he's just so explosive."

While Sina's athleticism is what attracted many college recruiters to him, there is more to this San Mateo outside linebacker than meets the eye. Sina is a religious young man who also possesses a high quality of character, and that is what has attracted BYU to him.

"He does everything right on and off the field," Coach Tulloch said. "He's a great person with outstanding character. He's part of our unity council and one of those guys that sets the example and does things the right way.

"He's not LDS but he's just a very religious kid. He's going to do a good job for us and no matter where he goes. He'll make that program even better on and off the field. You know, he's a weight room guy and a character guy. Like I said, he's got the total package and there's not too many Sione Sinas walking around."

Sina is on track academically as well.

"Sione is going to graduate early," said Coach Tulloch. "He'll graduate this December, so he'll be a midyear transfer, so he's ahead academically. He's one of those kids that's the total package and a pleasure to coach."

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